Window Tint: Pros and Cons - OHS Body Shop

Tinted windows may seem like a great idea and even a must for numerous car owners. Whether you live in one of the sunny states with a year-round summer or have to drive through snowfields, where the sun can be particularly blinding, you have definitely considered tinting your windows.

Moreover, in every shop, they would tell you that tinting has numerous benefits for you and your vehicle, like keeping it cool, protecting the interior from direct UV rays, making it less visible and attractive for thefts.
However, there are certain pitfalls in tinting your windows.

In this article, we decided to go through the main pros and cons of tinting so you could make an informed decision on the matter.

The benefits of window tint

For most people, tinted windows are a matter of comfort and protection from direct sunlight. However, it has numerous less obvious but pretty tangible benefits:

  • Tinted windows contribute and preserve your car’s value. It is pretty logical that the more money you invested in the car, the more you can ask once you decided to put it on the market. However, tinted windows also preserve the car’s interior, saving it from cracking, color fading, deformation, and any other damage caused by direct sunlight;
  • Tinted windows protect your health. When your car gets overheated, numerous chemicals start to evaporate from its interior’s surfaces. Whether plastic or natural, all parts of your car’s interior are processed with certain chemicals to make the most durable, provide a glossy or matte finish, etc. While evaporating due to heat, they can be dangerous, especially for children, people with sensitivities, or chronic respiratory diseases;
  • Tinted windows save gas. When the vehicle salon is shaded, it does not get overheated and requires much less air conditioning to cool down, even on a hot summer day. That way, tinted windows save your money and even the environment;
  • Tinted windows protect you from criminals. Statistically, car thefts are most likely to pay attention to a car when they can see the interior and things you may leave or forget there. Even if you just got out for several minutes, there is a risk of becoming a victim of a crime if you left a smartphone or a purse in a visible place in the car. Tinted windows can decrease your chances to “get noticed” in this case.

The dangers of window tint

Although window tinting has numerous benefits and, while professionally executed can really benefit the value of your car, there are certain dangers you should consider:

  • Overprinting your windows may be dangerous. Once you overdo the tint, you can seriously alter the visibility and, therefore – your driving experience. To avoid it, make sure that you are doing the procedure in a credible shop and follow expert’s advice;
  • Tinting can turn into a disadvantage when you sell a car. It often happens when you have to sell the car, especially if a buyer comes from a different state. The laws and regulations on window tinting may differ in different areas, and therefore you buyer may have to invest in “unstinting” after the purchase;
  • Once poorly made, the tint may start to crack or bubble, looking really cheap and ugly. It can happen due to the low quality of the tint, poorly executed work, or extreme temperatures. The only way to avoid it is not to go cheap on the procedure and rather pay a bit more for the window tinting but get a guarantee of a high-quality, long-lasting tint.

Any procedure, upgrade, or tune-up that you may consider for your vehicle can have its pros and cons. The only way to minimize the risk of mistakes and pitfalls is to address a credible body shop with qualified experts.

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