Why You should never ignore warning lights in the car - OHS Body Shop

Once you drive the same vehicle for a while, there are big chances you got used to every tiny light and indicator on the front panel and will instantly notice some new sign. However, we all react differently to them.

Some of us panic and drive directly to the car service once the issue could be resolved easily through pumping one of the wheels at the nearest gas station. Others start to go through the owner’s manual, learning a lot of useful stuff on the way.

But many people tend to ignore those warning signs, thinking that as long as the car is still moving, everything should be just fine. Maybe there is a glitch in the electrical system, and this sign will disappear soon. It is the most dangerous approach, resulting in a costly repair bill from your mechanic in the best-case scenario.

Let’s go over the most common warning lights and indicators that may emerge on your front panel and see why you should never ignore them.

Oil Light

It is one of the most serious warning signs, which somehow appears to be the most neglected one. However, ignoring it, you may cost the highest price. Oil may be compared to the blood of your engine.

Once it does not circulate properly or the pressure goes low, the engine may collapse, some parts will grind and wear off. There may be several reasons for the oil warning light to turn on: from low oil level to leakage or the sensor’s malfunction. However, it is an issue that requires the immediate attention of a qualified mechanic.

Temperature light or gauge

It is an indicator that the engine is overheating. Also, a serious issue that can, in best case scenario, leave you with a “boiling” car on the sideroad or even lead to costly repairs. Once you notice this indication, make sure to pull over and turn off the engine.

The temperature may rise for different reasons: from coolant leakage to radiator malfunction, preventing hot air from the engine from leaving the car freely. However, once you stopped the car and refilled the coolant, make sure to drive directly to the closest car service to detect and eliminate the problem. Also, you may need towing services.

Battery Light

This light means that the alternator is not charging the battery sufficiently. Technically, it means that even if your car is running now, it won’t run for long, and there is a strong chance you will need a towing service.

Brake Light

Brakes are among the most important driving safety factors. Therefore, once you notice that the brake light is on, address the problem immediately.

The reasons for this indicator to wake up may vary from the leak of brake fluid to a malfunction in the electrical system of the vehicle. It requires immediate professional attention as electricity problems may lead to fire even if your car is parked and the engine is off.

Check Engine Light

It is the most notorious warning sign in the vehicle. Mostly because there is no way to say immediately what is wrong. It can be anything from a loose gas cap to a damaged catalytic converter, and only a professional mechanic will be able to diagnose and eliminate the problem properly.

In some cases, you may continue driving for a while with this light on. If the problem is all about a loose gas cap, it will disappear by itself after a couple of ignitions. But if the check engine sign is flashing, make sure to stop the vehicle and call towing service ASAP. Most probably, it means that the problem is serious and potentially dangerous for you and the vehicle.

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