Why you should avoid potholes on the road?  - OHS Body Shop

Potholes are a real curse for drivers. Especially if you live upstate and in a changeable climate. Dramatic temperature changes, heavy vehicles, and the general indifference of local authorities sometimes lead to the fact that our roads resemble the Moon surface. Bumpy roads are not just extremely frustrating; they might be dangerous for you and your vehicle. As they get wider and deeper, you are risking to get the same-sized whole in your wallet due to repairs that your car will need after driving through them several times. According to the most recent study of AAA, potholes have coasted American drivers about $3,5 billion last year. 

Why potholes are dangerous?

Damaged tires, bent rims, steering, and suspension damage, and sometimes even damage of the body of the car itself – this is what you eventually get when you have do drive through potholes every day. Because of them, your car may even be knocked out of alignment which will lead to serious safety issues in the future. Not to mention quite often and costly need to tire change. 
Sometimes potholes even cause serious an even massive car accidents. When drivers are trying to avoid it they might start maneuvering on the road. In case they don’t pay enough attention to other road users or simply lose control at a maneuver, this might lead to serious and even fatal road accidents. Another dangerous moment is when they suddenly pop up when you least expect them. It often happens in the middle of the night on poorly lightened roads. In case might even bee speeding in this time, the consequences might be extremely severe.
Another frustrating thing caused by potholes is traffic jams. When drivers slow down to cross it safely, this inevitably leads to epic traffic jams on lively roads.

How can you protect your vehicle?

The most obvious thing that comes to mind is avoiding potholes of course. But sometimes it might be simply impossible and not enough to protect your vehicle on bumpy rods. Here are some tips on what else you might do and how to prepare your car if you know for sure that the ride won’t be smooth and easy.
· Tire pressure. Proper tire inflation is very important on bumpy rods. If the pressure is too low, it might lead to bulgers or blisters on the sidewalls and even dents on the wheel. You might want to check out your driver`s manual for the relevant data or as advice of a professional mechanic.
· If you have to go through a pothole and there is no chance to avoid it, never do it on the full speed. It might be hard to comprehend the actual size and depth of the pothole from a driver’s seat and running over it will lead to serious damage to the hull leading you on the side of the road waiting for a towing truck.
· Use the mirrors! If you are trying to avoid a pothole, make sure that you won’t bump into someone and cause an accident with your maneuvering.
The worst thing that might happen when you hit a pothole is a scary and loud bumping sound from underneath your vehicle. This is the moment to change your plans and go directly to the nearest trustful car service and check your suspension and undercarriage for damage.

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