We are sponsoring the Die Cast Nationals Drag Race for kids this year! - OHS Body Shop

OHS is helping to sponsor this great community event again with Stewart See and his Die Cast Nationals Event!

This time the event will be larger than ever at the fairgrounds!

We are adding an open lane for all to practice while waiting or post racing!

It’s exceptionally unique event, as each track is an exact 1/64th scale quarter mile; 20.625’ and the shutdown areas extend each track to a full 32’ long. My 4-6 and 7-9 age class tracks are both gravity fed with launching ramps and mechanical finish gates using original 1967 Hot Wheels equipment.
The 10-15 age class is a whole other spectacle. This is a completely flat track utilizing an electronic Christmas tree and a digital finish gate, just like the NHRA uses. You can “red light” by launching too quickly and be disqualified or “hole shot” your opponent where a slower car can beat a faster car. The equipment has been retrofitted to use a 1969 Hot Wheels launch pad and even has an E.T. timer for each lane. Again, all scaled to match a quarter mile!

Free event for kids called the Diecast Nationals (Hot Wheels) drag race. It is free to all kids (and parents) and any racer aged 4-15 is eligible to participate. We have sponsored trophies (over 2’ tall), 2nd & 3rd place medals with a 4th place ribbon and prizes for every participant. Cars must have NO modifications (and yes, we have a “tech inspection” at the registration point) to give everyone a fair chance. We also have a class where the kids can race the adults for ANOTHER trophy after the three age class matches are run called the Open Dragster Class. AND, we have a car show after that for a chance at ANOTHER trophy! Modifications are allowed for that, and it can either be their race car or another car, in a package or not but EVERY vehicle has to be 1/64th scale (Hot Wheels size).

We are going to have a food court!

Questions or concerns please feel free to contact Stewart See at coordinator@ohsbody.com or cell number at 208-277-8578 and please look at the Facebook page, Diecast Nationals. There are photos of past events, track buildouts and the history of the events.

Basic Rules & Procedures Here