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The technologies evolve, and today it seems that car owners almost don’t have to bother about maintaining their vehicle. On the one hand, it is excellent. But at the same time, many car owners remember such things as tire rotation and balancing only when a severe problem occurs.

Here at OHS Body Shop, we often see cases that could easily be prevented if only the owners of the vehicles found some time in their schedule to check and rotate their tires from time to time. However, operating all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, in Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls, our professional mechanics are always happy to help you diagnose and refute possible complications, avoiding costly repairs.

Let’s take a closer look at the importance and benefits of regular tire rotation and see how balancing can become a crucial safety feature of your driving experience.

What is tire rotation, and why do you need to do it?

Regular rotation and balancing of tires can save you a great deal of money. First of all, it significantly prolongs your tires’ lifespan, pushing the day you need to buy new footwear for your car into the distant future. For your information, a set of tires is the most expensive part of changing your vehicle.

Also, by checking and balancing your tires regularly, you protect yourself, your passengers, and fellow drivers from one of the most severe accident risks – a tire explosion in the middle of driving.

There is no universal formula that will tell you exactly how often you should rotate and balance your tires. The schedule depends on many factors – from your vehicle’s type and brand to habitual driving circumstances. However, specific tips will help you keep track of your tire’s conditions and take care of them before any serious problem occurs.

Follow recommendations

Most vehicle manufacturers point out that tires need balancing and rotation roughly around every 7,000 miles in user’s manuals. However, we have already mentioned that the same car type that drives in the city and rural areas will require a different tire maintenance schedule. The best way to keep track of your tire condition is to rotate and balance them every time you come to change the oil in your car.

Address a professional

There are maintenance procedures you can easily do yourself. But tire rotation and balancing are not one of them. To rotate your tires, a mechanic will remove your wheels and switch between front and back, right and left ones. Then he will use a particular machine to determine precisely the perfect balance between the weight of the tire and the wheel. Even slight deviation may seriously influence the quality and safety of your driving.

Save your time and money

In addition to prolonging your tires’ lifespan, regular rotation and balancing save your time and money in few other ways. For example, once properly rotated, your tires will wear off equally. It means that eventually, you will have to buy a whole set of tires instead of two. Most car services and tire dealers have tangible discounts and loyalty programs, making purchasing a complete set more profitable. Also, you will save yourself an additional visit to the body shop.

Another serious financial benefit or regular tire rotation and balancing is significant fuel saving. Once the wheels are unbalanced, you have to put much more effort into keeping the vehicle straight on the road, forcing the engine to work more intensively and wasting much more gas.

Tire rotation and balancing is a relatively cheap and straightforward maintenance procedure, which can help you save a great deal of time and money in the future. It will prevent you from costly repairs, guarantee your safe driving and allow you to put a better price tag on your vehicle once you decide to put it on the market.

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