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In XXI century car is finally not a luxury but a means of conveyance. But there is a quite costly, though inevitable, downside of owning a vehicle. Car insurance rates in the USA are among the highest in the world. And they only seem to grow. Of course, it is simply impossible to give up on car insurance and hit the highway hoping for the best. But car insurance rates depend on many factors that vary from one driver to another. So several tips might help relieve the burden of car insurance on your wallet.

Big cars – big rates

Nobody loves big powerful cars more than Americans. The thrill of driving a pick-up truck or SUV is quite understandable. It is a part of American culture and history. But times have come to leave big vehicles there. Size and engine capacity of your car influence the car insurance rates. This is exactly the case when size does matter. So you should give a deep thought of whether you need an Outlander in your everyday life. Also, most insurance companies offer exclusive rates and discounts for owners of hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles. So you might kill two birds with one stone – save money on insurance and protect the environment.

Pay-as-you-go car insurance

This kind of insurance became extremely popular recently. During the lockdown, we were hardly getting out of our houses, while continued to pay for insurance like we are using cars as usual. The idea of this insurance plan is saving money in case you don’t drive that much. An insurer installs a telemetric tracking device into your car and adjusts your rates according to your mileage. This might turn out quite reasonable if you know for sure that you drive less than 10.000 miles per hour.

More drivers – less money

Many insurance companies offer special rates if you insure several drivers or cars simultaneously. The principle is the same as buying in bulk. The conditions may differ from one company to another, but the basic principle stays the same – if you are related to other drivers of the same vehicle by blood or marriage, live in one household, or co-own the vehicle, you may get special insurance rates. This is the case when keeping all eggs in one basket is a good thing – an insurer will always give you a deal if he expects you to bring in more of it.

Drive safely

Yes, this is a home truth, but it is always worth mentioning. Especially because your driving history has a huge influence on insurance rates. Some companies offer up to 20% discounts for safe and responsible clients. So there is one more reason to stay focused, avoid distractions while driving.

Take a course

Some insurance companies offer special rates to clients that take defensive driving, accident prevention, or any other kind of refresher driving course. Even if you know for sure that your insurance company has this kind of discount, make sure that you take the course, approved by your exact insurer. Yes, every kind of knowledge is priceless, and these kinds of driving courses save lives, but you should remember that we are aiming to save money here. So before taking the course, get all the necessary information from your insurer and correlate necessary costs and possible value.

Review your credit rating

Many people don’t even know that driving history and type of vehicle are not the only factors that influence insurance rates. Many insurance companies make their decisions due to their client’s credit rating. The idea is simple – if you are responsible for your finance, you also be responsible for your driving. This is quite a controversial point, but this is a fact – paying more attention to financial literacy might help you save money on car insurance.

Read the car insurance contract

This might also sound absurd, but the fact is that many people overpay for their car insurance because they simply don’t read the contract carefully. Remember, an insurer is not your caring relative; it is a merchant that aims to make money from you. Therefore the contract will include some coverage that you might not need at all. 
Car maintenance may be quite expensive. But those costs are important as they protect you and the safety of your family. Car insurance rates will only continue growing, but you should always remember that this is a market. Every insurer will do his best to attract you, therefore its is quite easy to be flexible and arrange yourself deals that will help you save money on car insurance.

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