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Minivans are more than just vehicles for millions of people all over the country. They are ultimate family members who ensure that kids are delivered safely to school and curriculum activities, the fridge is full of groceries, and the whole family can go on an annual cross-country road trip to visit grandparents.

Those are also the reasons your minivan may have to deal with some sufficient daily workload and therefore need additional attention and care. Not to mention the fact that you want your “family car” to be as safe, comfortable, and reliable as it can be.

Let’s talk about some peculiarities and maintenance essentials every minivan owner should keep in mind.

Minivans are closer to the road

Lower auto body is one of the reasons minivans became so popular in suburbia and among families worldwide. Not only is it much easier to load and offload kids, pets, and groceries with such cars, but such construction creates a lower center of gravity, which makes your minivan steadier and, therefore, safer on the road.

However, such construction also carries some maintenance challenges. Ironically, minivan owners mainly drive in areas that may have obstacles that are pretty unforgiving for cars with low-placed bodies.

Speed bumps, potholes, fallen leaves, and tree branches, as well as after-rain dirt and winter de-icing salt, are all integral parts of suburbia and residential area roads. You should be particularly careful driving through any kind of obstacle.

Moreover, road debris, dirt, and salt tend to build up on any auto body and undercarriage, but lower minivans are, of course, the most vulnerable in this case. Make sure to wash and inspect the body of your minivan regularly, and don’t hesitate to address a mechanic every time you hear a strange bump from under the car or feel like you have “scratched the belly.”

Sliding doors are convenient but challenging

Another feature that makes minivans so popular among families is the sliding doors. Indeed, they are much easier for children and elderly people, allow to get off and on the car safer.

But at the same time, sliding doors might be the most challenging and demanding parts of your minivan. Unless you have a special electric open-close system, sliding doors experience a lot of pressure and, therefore, should be lubed and adjusted regularly. Even if your minivan has a motor that is supposed to ensure that the doors are open and closed carefully, these systems can sometimes fail, becoming a real safety hazard, and therefore should also be checked regularly.

Ask to check your sliding doors every time you address for an oil change in case you notice even the slightest weird sound or the doors don’t go as smoothly as they are supposed to.

Advanced safety features may add some headaches

Another reason why people love minivans so much is that modern family vehicles may only be compared to space shuttles by the number of various sensors, advanced technologies, and safety features.

There are additional airbags for every passenger, anti-collision sensors all over the car’s perimeter, and, of course, sophisticated multimedia systems that ensure the ride is safe and comfortable for everyone in the car.

However, the more complicated and advanced the vehicle is, the more attention and maintenance it may require and the harder it is to know if something is damaged or does not function properly.

Every minivan owner should remember that even a minor accident, a fender bender, or a small bump on the road may carry some hidden damage to one or more of those sensors located all over the car’s body. Unfortunately, not all of them are sending immediate signals to the dashboard. Therefore, you may find something is off when it is already too late.

Make sure to ask a mechanic to check your minivan’s body thoroughly every time you take it to routine maintenance or after even the most minor damage.

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