Things That Damage Your Paint Job - OHS Body Shop

Is there anything more beautiful than a new-looking vehicle leaving a dealer’s branch or Bodyshop after a new paint job?

However, that gloss requires some maintenance and attention. Otherwise, it will fade away pretty fast. Moreover, certain things can destroy your car’s paint job instantly.

The worst part is that most of us have no idea about those hazards caused by seemingly harmless everyday things.

In this article, we shall talk about the most harmful substances and factors that can destroy your car’s paint job leading to costly damage.

Coffee, Soda, and other beverages

It happens to everybody. We put coffee or soda cup on the hood or roof of the car, then forget about it, start driving and get a messy stain.

Of course, it is not the end of the world or something that will destroy your car’s paint job instantly. However, many beverages happen to be pretty acidy and can cause severe damage, especially under direct sunlight.

Once you flip a can of coda or a coffee cup over your vehicle, make sure to clean the substance off thoroughly and as soon as possible.


We often don’t notice those tiny drops of gas that almost inevitably get on the paint each time we fill the tank.

While gasoline evaporates almost instantly, it can leave marks and stains that will damage the paint job.

To avoid those stains, be very careful when you fill the tank and renew the wax regularly.

Bird droppings

Another contamination that most of us consider harmless and don’t hurry to clean off is bird droppings. Once you park your car outside, you are almost guaranteed to get them.

This substance is also pretty acidy and can leave a permanent mark once baked a little bit under direct sunlight.

Moreover, you should be very careful trying to clean them off also. They always contain tiny grainy elements that can damage the paint mechanically if you rub too hard. It is always better to soak them before scrubbing off.

Ashes and air pollution

Whether you live in an area that had to face wildfires or simply parked your car near a fire camp, the vehicle’s paint job may suffer significantly from the ashes that settle on its surface.

Water from rain or your garden water sprinklers can cause a chemical reaction with potassium and calcium contained in ashes. Those elements are also included in the dusty, polluted air of big cities.

They can etch the car’s paint and leave dark grey stains all over the vehicle’s surface.


Salt is still the most popular and available solution if you live in an area where winters can get pretty severe and need to prevent ice from building up on the road.

However, salt can become a real curse for vehicle owners. Most of us know how it damages the tires, but the paint job suffers even more from salt and vapors.

Not only will it make the paint job lose its gloss, but it can simply dissolve the vehicle’s protective coating layer causing corrosion.

To avoid it, make sure to wash your car regularly in the winter and consider waxing it thoroughly before the first frosts.

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