The Ultimate Car Accident Checklist - OHS Body Shop

Car accidents happen to everyone no matter their driving experience, type of vehicle, or the area where you usually drive. Luckily most of the time, those accidents look and seem much scarier than they actually are. However, even if you don’t see or implement any visible damage to your car or another vehicle, you must stop and pay attention to the accident accordingly. It will simply help you avoid certain unpleasant consequences.

Here at OHS Body Shop, we often receive cars after all sorts of accidents. According to our experience, most of the damage and legal outcomes of any accident can be avoided once car owners behave correctly after the accident.

In this article, we shall provide a simple yet ultimate checklist that will help you take all the necessary steps and minimize the unpleasant outcomes of any car accident, even under the most stressful circumstances.

Things to do right after the car accident (Checklist)

So, your vehicle has been involved in an accident. No matter how serious it may seem at the first impression, the first thing you should do is stop the car safely.

After that, make sure to follow these simple steps:

  • Turn on the hazard lights. Accidents often happen when drivers get distracted on the road or don’t notice another vehicle blocking the passage. Turning on the hazard lights, you will warn other fellow drivers about your enforced stopping and prevent further accidents at the point;
  • Take care of those who might have gotten injured. Check yourself, your passengers, and those who were in the other car for possible sins of injury. Sometimes under stress, we may not feel the pain or even notice the bleeding ourselves. Make sure to call an ambulance for anyone who might have suffered any physical damage in the accident;
  • Try to locate witnesses or surveillance cameras. It may turn convenient in case you have to claim the damage or make a settlement with another driver;
  • Don’t make any immediate claims. Whether you feel that the accident was your or the other driver’s fault, leave the decision to experts to avoid further legal complications;
  • Make as many pictures of the accident scene as possible. Try to take photos of the area around, the damage made to both cars and property, etc.;
  • Collect all available data. If someone comes around and claims to be a witness, make sure to record their statement and collect contact information. Also, try to document the brake way, weather conditions, and any other details that may have affected the course of events.

The first several moments right after the accident are crucial. Your behavior and ability to act quickly and accordingly in the situation will determine whether you will manage to reach an agreement with another driver and minimize the legal and financial consequences of the accident for both of you.

However, it is essential to examine your car thoroughly after such an event as some damage may not be evident to an unarmed eye and reveal itself even several weeks after the accident.

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