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Would you believe that the safety and quality of your driving experience entirely lie on the area a bit bigger than your palm? Your tires, their quality, condition and adhesion determine your every trip. Taking good care of your tires is one of the crucial investments in your safety and comfort.

The role of tires

No matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, tires have several fundamental functions:

  • They support the overall weight of the car;
  • Absorb vibration and shocks from the road;
  • Provide necessary grip for a safe break and efficient acceleration;
  • Control steering and direction.

Those functions also determine the main reasons why you should take good care of your tires and make sure to take your vehicle to a credible service shop regularly. Here at OHS Body Shop, we have rich experience with all kinds of cars and know all their maintenance peculiarities. Our branches in Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley are located in Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls. Visit us next time your car needs a routine check or emergency treatment such as tire rotation, change or repair.

Reasons to take good care of your tires

As we already mentioned? The condition of your tires determines your overall driving experience. In many emergency cases, it becomes the decisive factor. Here are the main reasons to pay extra attention to your tires during the following routine maintenance:


Driving a vehicle with deteriorated tires, you put at risk your own life as well as the lives of your passengers and other drivers.

The math is pretty clear in this case: there are four tires in your car, which means that each one support 25% of the vehicle’s weight. It implies that each tire’s malfunction reduces at least a quarter of the safety rate of your car.

Tires determine whether you will be able to stop instantly in case of emergency or collision risk, how efficient will be the adhesion at the tight turn and whether you will be able to accelerate smoothly.

Once you look at your tires from this perspective, their importance becomes pretty apparent, and investment in your tires’ condition turns out to be insurance of your safety and wellbeing.


Your overall driving experience depends on the vehicle’s many factors and qualities, but the condition of the tires might be one of the most important ones.

Once you get frustrated and stressed from the driving due to discomfort caused by vibration, pulling, poor adhesion or any other irritating and potentially dangerous experience, any professional mechanic would first recommend you to check your tires.

You may not believe how much will change once you rotate and balance the tires properly, replace bald ones and fill them to the proper pressure. Many car owners admit that they change their mind about replacing their vehicle once they start paying extra attention to the tires as it provides an entirely new and much more comfortable driving experience.

Saving money

Proper maintenance of tires will help you save a lot of money on fuel. A vehicle with unbalanced tires and worn out tires wastes much more fuel during acceleration and maneuvering.

A vehicle with faulty tires has to work much harder even while going through a smooth and straight road due to poor adhesion, which means that you will have to feel it more often, wasting more and more money every month.

So if you think that by putting away tire maintenance or replacement, you are saving money, think twice. The growing fuel prices make your attempts to save money pointless.

Year-round confidence

Many drivers tend to divide their driving experience according to the season. They take for granted the fact that winter driving is more challenging. However, once you get proper tires, maintain and change them accordingly, driving at any season becomes equally safe, comfortable and joyful.

Taking good care of your tires regularly, you won’t have to compromise on your comfort and efficiency, put your life at risk or waste extra money on fuel and unnecessary adjustments.

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