The 4 Collision Repair Myths Everyone Should Know About - OHS Body Shop

Getting in a car accident can be extremely stressful, whether you are a seasoned driver or a newbie on the road. However, dealing with the insurance company and the collision repair process may be even more overwhelming.

Suddenly you find yourself under tremendous pressure, have to make important decisions, and follow procedures and paperwork that you hoped to never face in your life.

Just like any situation that may require a certain level of expertise most people don’t have, the collision repair process is surrounded by some myths. Some of them may seriously affect where, when, how fast your vehicle will be restored and how much it will cost you in the end.

In this article, we shall talk about the 4 most notorious myths about collision repair to protect you from mistakes and help you make informed decisions if you get into an accident one day.

Only a dealer will provide you with original parts

The most common myth about collision repair is that only the official dealer is able to provide you with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for your vehicle.

The roots of this myth are pretty understandable from the consumers’ point of view, as the official dealer definitely has direct access to the genuine parts produced by your vehicle brand directly. However, it does not mean that they are the only ones.

In fact, any collision repair shop can order OEM parts whether they are affiliated with the manufacturer directly or not. And, of course, any credible shop that values its reputation would have the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to provide you with the high-level service you need.

If it is just a scratch, you don’t need any collision repairs

Sometimes you may consider yourself lucky and get out of the accident with just a tiny scratch or a minor dent on your bumper. Most people think that in this case, they don’t need to address collision repair at all, or at least it is not urgent.

Unfortunately, that way, you may put yourself, your family, and other drivers in grave danger!

Modern vehicles are very complicated. Most of them have various sensors and detectors installed all around the car’s perimeter. Damage or malfunction of just one of those sensors may lead to failure of the overall system, getting you into another accident or causing complicated and costly repairs in the future.

Even if the car looks fine, make sure that a professional checks it before you get back on the road.

The insurance company pays for everything

This might be the most disappointing collision repair myth.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t really read into their insurance policies. As a result, they get really shocked when they realize that there is a deductible up-front payment or the insurance company only pays for the damage made to another car and not their own.

It is essential to study your insurance policy thoroughly and be aware of all the changes and updates that could have been made to it. That way, you will save yourself a great deal of time, money, and energy and manage to get the most out of your policy in case of an accident.

The insurance company chooses the body shop for you

Your insurance company will indeed provide you with the list of “recommended” collision repair shops, but it does not mean that you are obliged to address only those places. In fact, those are probably affiliated services that have some sort of agreement with your insurer.

While this list can make your choice of collision repair shop faster and easier, it does not deprive you of the right to address the body shop you know and trust, even if it is not among the “recommended” ones.

The choice of a repair shop is only up to you, and the insurance company will thoroughly pay for the service according to your policy, no matter where you decide to do it.

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