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Make Sure That Your Vacation is Fun and Safe.

The vacation season is here! But this year it will be like never before. The quarantine restrictions of 2020 continue. Those who were planning to fly abroad this summer have to come up with the “Plan B”. This might be the golden season for domestic tourism. A summer road trip is a wonderful way to visit and explore our great nation. There is so much to see, taste and experience in our own country that you will hardly miss long airport queues and avaricious tour operators.

Road tripping is an undeniable classic of family vacations. It is an opportunity to be independent, to see and explore new places, and create lifetime memories. At the same time, it is crucial to be sure that your vehicle is well prepared and safe for a summer roadt trip. Nobody wants to find himself in a cheap horror-movie situation, being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a broken car. Or even worse: to have a crash on a highway because of faulty breaks. OHS Body Shop recommends you several crucial preparations that you have to make with your car to have a fun and safe road-trip.

Prepare for Road Trip

Tip#1: Oil Change

Even newbies know that car cannot run without oil. It is the crucial liquid that lubricates moving parts of the engine to eliminate friction. If you didn’t have joints, your bones would grind on one another and every move would be extremely painful for you.  The same is true about your car. High-quality oil, which you change regularly, provides a long healthy life to your engine.

Modern oils and engine technologies allow you to change the oil after 7,500 – 10,000 miles. Seems like a long distance. But you should double-check your oil before a road-trip. First of all, make the simplest test with a dipstick. If the oil seems dark, gritty or the level is low, don’t take chances and take your car to a professional immediately.

Tip #2: Coolant System

Coolant is one more liquid that is crucial for your vehicle. It helps to keep the optimal temperature of the parts. Even a couple minutes of driving without coolant can cause an irreversible effect on your car. Not to mention the fact that you will notice some unpleasant indicators right away. The least of them is disturbing light indicators on a dashboard. The worst may be an automatic engine cut-off in the middle of nowhere with nobody to help you.

The leakage of coolant is one of the most common problems with the cooling system. If you have noticed spots on a parking lot or driveway that might have been left by your car, you should address a professional immediately. Another indicator of possible problems with the coolant system is the smell. Coolant has a very strong specific “sweet” smell. In case you notice that scent while driving, you should head straight to a mechanic.

Tip #3: Tyres

If we are talking about safe driving, we simply cannot ignore tyres. Not only the comfort and safety of your road trip depending on your tyres. They are crucial for fuel efficiency and many other important factors.

The first thing you need to notice while checking your tyres is air pressure. Many modern cars have specific indicators and announce the driver immediately if the air pressure in tires needs adjustment. Anyway, even if you don’t have this technology in your vehicle, you will find all the information about the recommended air pressure in the manual.

And of course, the general condition of your tires is the most important thing. Most tires nowadays last from 25,000 to 50,000 miles. Of course, it depends on the type of tires, weather, and road conditions of the area where you usually drive. That is why it is also important to consider, where the route of your road trip lies. Also, take a careful look at your tires. In case they look bald, have any punctures or sideway bulges, don’t risk your safety, and replace them immediately.

Regular car check-ups are important for safe and comfortable driving. But before going on a long-distant road trip you want to be sure that your vehicle is in perfect condition. The listed above are some crucial aspects that have to be tested before you go for an on-wheels vacation. Although you might have to make some other adjustments. Most of them can only be discovered and performed by a professional. Therefore it is important to take your car to a trusted car service before you hit the road. In this case, your road trip vacation will only bring good experience and happy memories.