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The world is moving forward and becomes more digital. More and more services are available online today, making customers’ lives easier and allowing various businesses to become more open and transparent for the public.

Of course, the main reason for so many businesses to move online was the Pandemic of COVID-19. However, today whole industries discover that customers seek an opportunity of distant service or online features as an easier and more efficient way to get the assistance they need.

That is why more and more Body Shops offer such features as online scheduling or repair estimates. In this article, we shall describe the main benefits of online services from car repair services both for the mechanics and their customers.

Your mechanic is available 24/7

The pace of life is increasing every day, and sometimes you have to postpone repair of your car or routine check-ups simply because you don’t have time for all the research and scheduling or forget to make an appointment during the workday.

Online services make your body shop practically available for you 24/7/ Even if you remembered the necessary check-up or routine maintenance at 3 AM, you don’t have to wait until the opening hours to make an appointment or reschedule your visit. Body shops that offer online features are at your service precisely when you need them.

Easier research

It is always better to “do your homework” before making an appointment with a mechanic and survey the market for the best prices and customers’ reviews. Car services that offer online estimates are much more transparent for their customers, offering them comprehensive information about their pricing.

Of course, the final price tag may differ from the online estimate you get from the body shop’s website. Still, from this premiere research, you will know for sure which service will meet your expectations and fit in your budget without wasting your time on phone calls or visiting each mechanic in person during your research.

Modern and efficient

The fact that a body shop offers such features as online estimates or the option to set and change the date of your next appointment is a sign that this establishment keeps up with the latest trends on the market.

It offers a more comfortable and efficient customer experience, but such car service understands the dynamics of the market and acknowledges constant changes and technological progress.

You may trust your vehicle to such a body shop, knowing that the shop will do the service according to the latest and most relevant standards.

Long-term relationships

Here at OHS Body Shop, we understand how important it is to set long-term relationships with each customer and track maintenance history for each vehicle to make our services most efficient. However, once a car service gains customers’ trust, it becomes pretty hard to keep the precise track of events due to high customer traffic.

Offering customers online services, a body shop gets an opportunity to stay in touch with the customers, offer them more personalized treatment and exclusive discounts. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about car maintenance or keep track of routine check-ups. Digitalized services allow car service to contact you through the most communication means, reminding you about necessary check-ups and offer the most comfortable scheduling options.

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