Noises in Your Car that Might Need Immediate Attention - OHS Body Shop

When you drive the same car every day, you know every regular noise it might make when you unlock it, start it or hit the breaks. Therefore it is quite easy to notice if your car suddenly started to make “weird” noises. Remember, that a vehicle is heavy complicated machinery. It has many parts and all of them are interrelated. So if a problem appears in one part it might compromise driving in general. Let’s check out the most common irregular car sounds that should be a reason to visit the car service.


Breaks squeal might be the most dramatic sound associated with cars. But breaks are generally one of the most dramatic parts of your vehicle. Good breaks are the foundation of safe driving. Except for emergency stop, you breaks should work smooth and make no alarming sounds. But sometimes they do. In this case, it would be smart to visit one of the OHS Body Shop branches for a checkup.
•      If you hear (and sometimes even feel) grinding when you hit the breaks, this may mean that your brake pads have worn out and are grinding into the rotor
•      Squealing noise when you hit the breaks may mean that brake pads were not installed properly or moved
•      If you hear squealing while driving and the noise goes away when you stop, this might be a pre-installed indicator, that it is time to visit car service for prophylactics.


Noises in the engine, just like noises in the heart, always mean that you might be facing a serious problem that needs immediate attention.
•      Knocking sounds are usually caused by problems with combustion. There might be several reasons for it from wrong gasoline to carbon deposits on cylinder walls, but all of them should be treated immediately.
•      Ticking or tapping noises are usually associated with the oil pump. If your engine is ticking, to the regular dipstick check. Sometimes you might need to replace the oil, sometimes – the oil pump itself.
•      Sometimes your car just “coughs” and won`t start. The most common reason for a coughing car is an electricity problem. Most probably your battery is dead or wiring of the started is loose.

Noises “on-the-go”

Sometimes weird noises might appear when you are accelerating or take a turn. Those noises “on-the-go” are the most alarming. Sometimes they indicate a really dangerous condition of your car. Here are possible noises that should never be ignored while driving.
•      A wild roaring sound while accelerating might point at problems with an exhaust system or transmission
•      Creaking a squealing that appears when you make a turn usually caused by issues with your steering and suspension. This is one of the most complex parts of your car and therefore a professional should treat it only.
•      Squealing while accelerating is usually caused by a problem with a drive belt. Most of the time it is enough to simply replace the belt. But in some cases, you might face a much more serious issue. Any kind of sharp sound that your car might make while driving is a good reason to contact your mechanic.
Just like your body sometimes tells you that something is wrong, your car also signals that there might be some issues in the system. And just like with your health, prophylactics and smart maintenance most of the time helps to avoid costly repair. OHS Body Shop has branches in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Polson. Our certified professionals are always happy to consult you, do a check-up on any suspicious sound that your car might make and solve any possible issue fast and efficiently.