My Car Won't Start! Reasons and Prevention Steps - OHS Body Shop

Reasons why it might happen and ways to prevent it in the future.

Cars became an integral part of our life. A modern person simply cannot imagine his life without a car. Sometimes we don’t even imagine what an important part they play in our career, education, free time. And every vehicle malfunction simply has to happen in the most critical moment. Sometimes your car won’t start in the morning when you are already late for work, or in the afternoon when you promised to pick your kids from school and go hit the mall. Every car owner has faced this frustrating situation at least once. Let’s overview the most common reasons why it may happen and see possible solutions that can prevent it.

Car Battery

A dead battery is the most common reason why your car won`t start in the morning. There might be different reasons for it
•      It may simply be old
•      The wiring might be loose
•      The water inside the component can evaporate which decreases conductivity 
•      Sometimes you just leave your headlights on overnight and the battery simply wears off
The most common solution in this case is jump-starting your car. Most probably the alternator fails to recharge your battery or the battery itself is simply dead. You might need to clean the connections or replace the battery or alternator. Anyway, it is better to address a professional who will eliminate the problem and make sure it won`t re-appear in the future.


One more “electrical” problem, why your car won`t start may be a faulty starter. It is quite clear from the name of this car part that the engine can`t start without it. If the starter is broken the engine won`t crank properly or even at all. Many drivers confuse problems with battery and starter failure.  But you can always recognize it because failing starter will always cause a loud clicking sound when you turn the key.

Ignition Switch

This is one more reason why a car might act out in the morning. The symptoms of a faulty ignition switch might seem like those o a dead battery, but there is a simple test that will help you detect the problem. Try to turn the headlights on. If the front lights and panel indicators are on, the battery is fine, and your problem is most probably about an ignition switch.

Fuel Filter

One of the reasons why you should take your car for check-ups at least once a year is to make sure your fuel filter is fine. When it is blocked, your engine simply does not get enough gasoline. This is one more reason why you might have problems with starting your car. Fortunately, changing the fuel filters every 15.000 – 20.000 miles may easily prevent it.


Yes, it might seem embarrassing, but it happens to everyone from time to time. Under the constant pressure of everyday worries, you may simply forget to fuel your car. And who looks at those warning lights at the dashboard, right? Anyway, the good news is – it is the simplest problem and the solution is also quite easy – get more gas.
Every car owner has to face this problem at least once during his “driving career”. Even if your car is new and you do regular check-ups, life just happens and someday you may find yourself with a dead car at your driveway in the morning, or even in the middle of nowhere during a family trip. OHS Body Shop has branches all over Montana. Our professionals are always happy to consult you and come over any time day and night to help you out.