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A car’s exterior is sometimes even more important than its mechanical features, engine characteristics, and fuel consumption. It is simply because people “judge a candy by its wrapping.” Even a seasoned driver who knows the importance of a good battery and a “healthy” engine will naturally pay more attention to an aesthetically attractive and nicely painted car.

The vehicle design industry is somewhat similar to the fashion market. Certain silhouettes and colors remain timeless classics, while others may become trendy or outdated pretty fast.

In this article, we shall speak about the most popular car colors in 2022 and how to make sure that your vehicle will remain good-looking even after several years.

The most popular colors – good old classics!

Remember what we said about timeless classics? There was a time when manufacturers went a little bit off the hook and started to compete in the craziest and flashiest colors for their flagman models. We will never forget the breathtaking neon blues and greens from Mazda and the eye-burning orange Kia Sportage in the early 2000-s.
However, if you look at the color works of the vehicles that go off conveyors today, you will understand that the time-tested classics are back with a vengeance. 

Almost 25% of vehicles bought and sold in the United States at the end of 2021 and the first months of 2022 are white.

Black cars follow right after. 23% of the most-sold vehicles in America today are black.

The rest are different variations of grey: from bright silver to dark “wet asphalt.”

Does it mean that the car manufacturers and drivers became less inventive and simply boring? Not really. Today, brands are more competitive than ever, and consumers are highly demanding. But the priorities have changed.

Several decades ago, drivers were “showing off” with flashy and original paint jobs while manufacturers offered edgy and original designs, which sometimes were simply impractical.

Today’s customers are more conscious; they look for vehicles that will be functional, serve for a long time, and efficiently perform as a family car and a business vehicle, vacation transport, etc.

And the good old classic colors will make sure that your car’s exterior will remain relevant for years. Moreover, if your car gets scratched or damaged, it is much easier (and cheaper) to fix it with the “basic” colors.

Another reason is that both consumers and manufacturers become more environmentally aware and look for design and paint job solutions with the lowest ecological impact.

How to choose the perfect color for your car in 2022?

Several factors may make a difference when you pick a color. Think about the climate and road conditions in your area, how often and how far you are planning to drive, and, of course, how much time, effort, and money you are ready to invest into your vehicle’s looks.

  • Gray and silver colors make dust and minor dirt almost invisible. The same is true for minor scratches and bumps. However, keep in mind that statistically, gray and silver vehicles are the most stolen ones;
  • White. While most people think that white color is the hardest to maintain, it goes right after silver and grey in its ability to withstand dust and minor scratches. If your area is not too muddy, a white car may be a perfect solution for you. Not to mention that it won’t get heated in the sun so much and you will save a great deal of fuel on the AC;
  • Black might be the most problematic color. Except for dust and mud, even the slightest rain will leave its marks on a black car, making it look dirty right away.

No matter which color you prefer, qualified mechanics from a reputable body shop will ensure that your car will always look good as new and easily attract prospective buyers if you decide to sell it.

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