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Commonly considered family vehicles, minivans have various applications. They are perfect for any situation when you need to transport 7-10 people. So whether you are planning to install baby seats, hit the road with a company of friends, or get a shuttle for your business, a minivan is the only logical solution for you.

However, minivans have their peculiarities and quite specific features. They are not sedans already, but hardly can be considered as busses or other heavier vehicles. Here at OHS Body Shop, we have rich experience with all kinds of vehicles, both private and corporate. Our branches in Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley are located in Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls, and minivans are pretty frequent guests here due to big close-knit families and various hospitality businesses in this area. We know that safety and comfort are exactly those features that have made minivans so popular all over the country.

So, here are several things you should consider and look at while getting your first minivan.

#1 Consider the future

Minivans have various modifications. Some of them are pretty expandable. Before buying one, make sure that you know for sure, how many people are supposed to get into the vehicle and whether this amount will change significantly in the close future. If you have just started a family and plan to have more kids in the future, it may be wise to invest in a vehicle that will meet all your demands from the very beginning.

#2 New or Used?

Why buying a new vehicle seems much more appealing, while on the market for a minivan, you may consider a pre-used option. In this case, you get a chance to buy a vehicle that has already been teated and adjusted by previous owners. This will spare you from manufacturing defects. Also, buying a used car you can find more reviews and tips about it online, while a new model will only provide you promotional information.

#3 Trips and driving conditions

Traveling from home to grocery or school or from the airport to the closest hotel is one thing, and long road trips with kids or transportation service is another. Some models are perfect for making a week-worth grocery shopping and giving a ride to a local soccer team, but on long-distance trips, they can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous. Otherwise, sometimes you may find a perfectly comfortable and spacey vehicle, but its price won`t be justified if you hardly use its full potential.

#4 Safety

Being official family cars, minivans are considered to be the safest vehicles in the world. However, this image may be quite deceiving and you should make sure to hold comprehensive research on this matter while choosing your minivan.

#5 Comfort

Comfort is not an indulgence once you have several people in the car. Especially if most of them are children. Things like separated heating areas, adjustable seats, and cup holders may become crucial while having several passengers.

#6 Utility

Sliding doors and automatic baggage doors may look like a fun feature while you are driving along, but having babies, groceries, or baggage in your hands, the one-button functions become pretty crucial. The interiors are another crucial utility factor. Make sure that it is durable and easy to clean. Because accidents can and will happen!

#7 Storage capacity

Along with safe and comfortable transportation, storage capacity is another signature move of any minivan. However, pay attention to details. Sometimes such unconventional solutions as purse compartment, additional hooks or cup holders become ultimate life-saviors.

#8 Extras

Built-in DVDs might have been a thing several years ago, but in the era of smartphones and other portable gadgets, they are just an unnecessary addition to a price tag. Before getting excited about some extras and solutions, make sure that they will come up in handy in the future.

#9 Looks

Minivans might have become a stereotypical attribute of suburbia, but today’s market is full of original and innovative design solutions. Though you spend most of the time inside a car, statistically its looks and how much you like it defines your overall driving experience.

#10 Price Tag

Last but not least – the price that you are ready to pay for a minivan should define your search. Being distracted with appealing, though useless extras you may find yourself with a costly yet useless vehicle. Once you come up with the list of necessities that your minivan is supposed to have, determine the price tag, and make sure to stick to it.

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