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A car has never been simply a means of transportation. Throughout its history, the motor vehicle industry has created vehicles that were an element of style and source of pride for their owners.

And of course, this effect has been achieved not only through innovative designs and advanced technical characteristics but mainly through the paint job.

Even the most incredible concept car will not draw attention if the paint job appears faulty at the same time. A skillful and inventive paint job can instantly make any vehicle look marketable and attractive for prosperous buyers.

In this article, we shall go over several interesting facts about car paint that may make you look differently at your own vehicle.

The myth about red cars

There is a pretty steady myth on the car market that red cars are more expensive than their other-colored brethren.

In fact, this myth is an example of how a marketing trick can live for more than a century. Indeed, a red car was something exotic back in the day. Remember Henry Ford’s famous saying, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”?

When red cars first appeared, they were initially associated with something edgy, innovative, daring, and expensive.

Today there are so many options for car paint jobs that there is no reason why a red car would be more expensive than any other.

However, statistically, you are most likely to be pulled over by police driving a red vehicle, so it can come out more expensive in a way.

Car paint jobs have influenced the Western culture of the 20th century

There is something pretty distinctive in furniture, appliance, and even fashion designs from the mid-20th century.

Edgy lines, chrome, and specific color palettes are often associated with particular decades of the century. This trend started with the Car-Boom of the 50-s and lived on, significantly influencing the music and design industry.

For example, music fans will always recognize legendary guitars inspired by Firemist Gold Metallic from Pontiac GTOs, Lake Placid Blue from Cadillac, and Cardinal Red from Buick.

However, this trend works both ways. When architecture and fashion started becoming more minimalistic at the beginning of the XXI century, so did the car colors. Today pink Cadillacs and Sea Foam Green Chevrolets made the way to metallic grey and silver pallets.

Back in the day, you would have repainted your car every year

The motor vehicle industry has grown out of carriage manufacture. No wonder it used the old-timer techniques for a long time even if they didn’t work that well for “metallic horses.”

Back in the day, cars were hand-painted with paints used for carriage and the most straightforward coating solutions, which were not the best option for metal.

Therefore, 100 ago, it was a pretty typical practice to repaint your vehicle every year like you would renovate a fence color in spring. Remember next time you wax your own car.

Are you looking for the safest option? Get a white car!

The research showed that while cars are most visible on the road even with minimal visibility. Therefore it is officially considered the safest car color.

However, the data is not entirely accurate. In fact, Lemon-Yellow is much more visible even for people with impaired eyesight. However, this shade is pretty specific and not too marketable; therefore, researchers decided to prioritize white vehicles due to their accessibility.

By the way, a silver-gray car can be pretty problematic if you live in an area where fogs and heavy rains are most common. Those colors become almost invisible in such weather conditions.

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