Do hybrid vehicles require any special treatment after collision? - OHS Body Shop

Hybrid vehicles are extremely popular today. They help you save a great deal on fuel, make less noise and carry innovative technologies for your comfortable and smooth driving experience. Not to mention how much better hybrid vehicles are for the environment.

However, those are still people who drive cars, and hybrids get into accidents just the same as any other vehicle. And here comes the big question: do hybrid cars require any special after-collision treatment due to their specific electrical system?

In this article, we shall talk about certain peculiarities and challenges of hybrid car repair and how to make sure that your vehicle will be treated properly in the body shop.

What makes hybrid vehicles so special?

It is hard to believe today, but hybrid vehicles appeared on the market only about 20 years ago. Almost right away, they became extremely popular mainly due to their ability to run on regular gas and diesel and use an electric motor, saving a great deal of fuel (read, your money).

Today hybrid vehicles are divided into “Conventional” and “Plug-Ins.” The difference is that Conventional hybrid vehicles still need gasoline to recharge the battery, while Plug-Ins can run purely on electricity and be recharged by plugging the vehicle into a regular wall outlet as well as a stationery or mobile recharging point. At the same time, Plug-Ins can still run on a standard hybrid engine using gasoline, which is particularly useful if no charging station is available.

However, you may notice that both types of Hybrid Cars have a specific electrical system. It is exactly what may present some challenges and even hazards, making collision repairs of Hybrids a bit different from the same procedures for regular cars.

Safety recommendation for Hybrid Vehicles’ (VHS) repairs

Due to the complexity of HV’s electrical systems and the possible hazards, it may present for anyone who handles it in case of collision or any other repairs, Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) developed a set of rules and guidelines.

For example, even though the electrical system of such cars has several safety interlocks designed to prevent electrocution, I-CAR still strongly recommends that anyone who gets in touch with an HV after a collision wear electrical linemen’s gloves. 

In addition, the safety recommendations include the following:

  • Avoid towing the HV on its own wheels to prevent further damage and potential shock hazard. Make sure to call a professional towing service to move the car after a collision;
  • All system components of an HV should be located and diagnosed thoroughly before getting down to any kind of repairs;
  • In case of damage to the car’s body, it is essential to examine each panel from behind and check all the wires, connectors, or sensors that might have loosened or suffered a physical impact. The HV system must be entirely disabled in this case;
  • Technicians should never touch any part of the HV without protective gear at any stage of the repairs;
  • All the connectors and sensors need to be preserved from dirt, dust, moisture, or any other contaminants while disconnected;
  • Even if all the VHS systems look perfectly intact after a preliminary examination, a technician still has to run full scanning to rule out all possible issues and hidden hazards before powering up the system.

How to make sure that your Hybrid Vehicle is in good hands?

It is essential to address a reputable body shop that stands by their team’s qualification if you need to treat and repair your Hybrid Vehicle.

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