How to prolong the life of your car in 5 simple steps - OHS Body Shop

Although a car is not a luxury anymore, it is still quite a serious investment. Of course, you want it to serve as long as possible without having to spend a lot of time and money in the service locations. Routine checkups and inspections are important and will ensure that your car stays in a good condition as long as possible. But the way you treat your vehicle between those visits to the maintenance center is even more important. So no matter whether you just drove out of the dealership or bought a used car, here are 5 easy to follow steps that will make sure that your car remains safe and secure and serves you as long as possible without any major issues.

Wash it!

You don’t only wash your car for aesthetics’ sake! It is quite logical that once you have got yourself a new vehicle you will be eager to keep it sparkly clean for a while. But this enthusiasm tends to wear off with time. Not to mention that once you buy a used car whose bodywork is far from perfect, the looks are not that important. But washing a car regularly also prevents dirt, road salts, and pollution from building up causing rust and numerous other issues.

Change the air filter

The air filter is one of the crucial parts of your car’s lifecycle. Once contaminated or jammed it leads to poor performance and a dramatic increase in fuel consumption. To avoid those issues, make sure to change it at least once a year. And in case you live or have to drive through dusty areas regularly, ask for advice from a qualified mechanic on proper maintenance and change the schedule of an air filter.

Keep an eye on your tires

The air pressure in tires is crucial for your car performance and your safety. Properly inflated tires make your cart more manageable. They also live much longer, saving you a lot of money on maintenance and help you save a great deal of fuel. You may find the air pressure requirement in the owner’s manual or on a sticker either on a sill of a driver`s door or inside the glove compartment.

It is also important to look after the tires themselves. A simple penny check once in a while will help you avoid frustrating and dangerous situations like a blow out on the road.

Check the fluids

Oil, coolant, and brake fluid are crucial for your car’s lifecycle. Checking their level and condition is quite simple, does not require any specific skills or knowledge, and can be done in several minutes. However, make sure to address a professional mechanic once you are in doubt or notice some irregularities. Remember, that you also have to change those fluids once in a while and this job is better done by a professional.

Never ignore chips and cracks

Some innocent-looking chips, cracks, and scratches may turn into a real disaster. Especially once they appear on a windshield. As soon as you notice them, make sure to address your mechanic immediately to avoid some serious and potentially dangerous consequences and costly repairs. Don’t ignore scratches or paint chips on the body of your car either. Contamination, water, and chemicals may lead to rust and severe aesthetical and technical problems. In case while driving you to feel some bump or hit from under the car’s belly, don’t ignore it even if the vehicle seems to behave normally. Even the most unnoticeable damage may lead to disaster, so don’t hesitate to visit car service once a while.

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