How to keep all of your car paperwork organized - OHS Body Shop

Paperwork may be a frustrating thing. All those blanks, receipts, and reports might seem unimportant today but can play a huge role in the future. Neat paperwork helps you keep the track of car service and routine check-ups for the sake of warranty. It helps you be aware of the condition of your vehicle, what treatment it went through and how much you have invested into it – all this knowledge is quite handy when you decide to sell your car. And by the way, it makes you look much more credible to a potential buyer. 

But it might seem easier said than done! We are used to keeping our passport, mortgage papers, and paychecks organized, but somehow always neglect car paperwork. Each time cleaning out the car we throw tons of receipts, notes, reports, other papers that seem to just lie there with no purpose for years, and then in case of emergency or during a repair or check-up at some random service, the crucial data is missing. This inevitably leads to additional legwork, a waste of time, and money. 

Here are several simple and easy-to-follow tips that will help you organize all your car-related paperwork.

Creating a file for your car

Before starting to put all the car-related papers you manage to find into neat piles, let’s see which papers you need to save and why.

  • Purchase receipts.

    If you get spare parts or some replacements from an official dealer or credible car service, the quality is most probably guaranteed. If you get or even install them yourself, it is always a good idea to keep the receipt. This will save you a lot of trouble in case a problem occurs or you need expert advice.

  • Service records.

    Whether those are routine check-ups or emergency cases, it is wise to keep records of every time you visit a car service. Even if you don’t have a receipt because no repair was needed, try to make yourself a memo that you have visited a mechanic and why.

  • Insurance.

    Keeping the track of your insurance cases is crucial. Every report or damage, incidents, and payouts that happened in the past influence the cost of your insurance in the future.

  • Initial paperwork.

    Make sure that you preserve all the paperwork you receive when you purchase the car. Sales listing, purchase agreement, financing paperwork, temp tag, CarFax report, and title transfer record – you never know what may bite you even several years after the purchase, so it is better to be prepared.

  • Previous owner’s paperwork.

    When your car is pre-owned, every detail about its previous history may have a great matter in case some mishaps appear in the future.

Seems like a lot of papers isn’t it. But every single one of them may cost or save you a lot of money in case you change or renew your insurance policy, visit a car service, or decide to sell your car.

Organizing car paperwork

Now that you know exactly what papers you should save and organize the whole process is much easier. Make a folder with transparent envelopes so you may see the content instantly. You may divide sections by years, types of service and documents, or any other way that is comfortable for you. The main idea is to be able to find a certain recipe fast or know for sure what kind of service your vehicle got in a given year.

Being organized might seem like a lot of work and effort. But try to compare it with the legwork and headache when you have to go through a pile of random papers or have to re-issue some documents and putting recipes in a file once a while will not seem that challenging anymore. However, a reliable car service always keeps records about clients and may help you restore the information. Here at OHS Body Shop, we handle information about our customers with great care and respect, so you may be sure that no unnecessary services or fees will appear from nowhere or be imposed. Comfortably located all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley we have branches at Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls, where our qualified mechanics are always at your service.