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Clean windows are not important for the aesthetics of your car. They are a crucial safety factor for your driving. However, every car owner knows how tricky and challenging cleaning car windows can get. Even after vesting a professional car wash, you may often find those annoying streaks.

Air pollution, smoking, and the dirt of rural roads – all those are reasons why car windows become dirty almost right after you have washed your car. Of course, it isn’t a reason to visit a car wash every other day. There are easy and efficient ways to clean your vehicle’s windows easily and efficiently as soon as they get dirty.

One window, different problems

The trickiest thing about cleaning your car’s windows is that the contaminations and cleaning methods differ whether we are talking about the “inner” or “outer” side of the window. And both of those stains and contaminations may get equally annoying and dangerous.

The outer side of the window usually gets stained with dirt, dust, and rainfalls. The most common reasons why car windows get dirty inside are the gassing of interior parts made of plastic and vinyl, smoking, and even your breath.
Now that we know the nature of the contamination, it will be much easier to determine the best cleaning methods for your vehicle’s windows.

Tips for cleaning car windows

People struggle with cleaning their cars` windows` because they fail to choose proper products and observe the cleaning routine. Here are several tips that will help you make the process much easier.

Keep the windows for the last

In case you are washing the car yourself, make sure to leave windows for the very last. First of all, car washing may get pretty messy, and the windows will inevitably get dirty while you clean the rest of the car. Also, leaving windows for the very last moment will prevent the annoying grime trapping.

Choose a proper cleansing product

Make sure to use a glass cleaner designed especially for car windows. Ammonia-based solutions are very efficient and popular today. But once your car windows are tinted, ammonia-based products will destroy them.

You may also find lots of concentrated glass cleaning products. They are very efficient, safe to use even on tinted windows, and save you a great deal of money. However, you should remember to dilute them with distilled water before use and follow the use instructions precisely.

Keep your car in the shade

The vehicle interiors parts made out of plastic and vinyl tend to melt under hot temperatures, becoming the main reason why your windows get blurry and so hard to clean. That is why it is so important to park your car in the shade as much as possible.

Also, make sure that your car is cool when you clean it. The active elements of window cleansers tend to evaporate instantly from hot surfaces, making the product inefficient. Also, in the shade, you have more chances to notice any streaks and spots, and be sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your car windows.

Clean the bugs off immediately

Once you drive in rural areas, take upstate road trips or simply live in an area with a significant bug population, you are not a stranger to those stains. Pretty annoying; they don’t seem to be too dangerous. That is why we often postpone cleaning them till the carwash day. However, those bug liquids tend to become extremely sticky and tough with time. Moreover, they accumulate all the dust and dirt and may even damage the glass itself. To avoid all those problems, make sure to clean off those bug stains as soon as you notice them on your windshield.

Keeping your car clean and tidy can be pretty easy and even pleasant once you use quality products and address professional advice on time. Here at OHS Body Shop, we are always happy to see you. We shall answer all your questions, help you determine the best maintenance routine, and take care of any possible issue and repair.

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