Here Is Why People Recommend OHS Body Shop To Their Friends And Relatives - OHS Body Shop

It may be pretty hard to find a credible body shop among thousands of offers all over the country today, especially if you are lucky enough to rarely get into accidents and don’t really know what to look for choosing a car service.

People all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley often recommend OHS Body Shop as their go-to place for all sorts of services, from routine check-ups to after-collision repairs and diagnostics.

OHS Body Shop has branches in Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls and seems to be the go-to place for many car owners in all those locations.

Here are the four main reasons people choose the OHS Body Shop today and why they recommend the place to their friends and family for further service and repairs.

Experience and qualifications

Choosing a body shop, you will probably care about the qualification and experience of the staff more than anything else.
A professional team of qualified mechanics and certifications such as AAA approval and ASE® Certification are the main things OHS Body Shop is particularly proud of. Above everything else, the staff of OHS Body Shop goes through regular training and update courses to offer their clients high-end service in any field.

Sending their cars to OHS Body Shop, people in Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley are sure that they trust their vehicles to qualified professionals who will provide them with cutting-edge service using high-quality parts and technologies.

Fair prices and clear estimates

Sending your car to a body shop, you can never be sure how much you will pay for repairs in the end. Some unexpected issues or additional problems often occur, boosting the price tag a bit over the estimate you might have received before.

It is not the case with OHS Body Shop. Their team will ensure that you get a thorough and clear estimate of the repair costs and understand precisely how much and what you will be paying for. Caring about their reputation and customers’ satisfaction, the team of OHS Body Shop will always consult the owner and often all the available options to ensure that people feel confident and make informed decisions about their cars’ maintenance.

Customer service and communication

Being a family-owned business, the team of OHS Body Shop understands the importance of community and does their best to stay in touch with their customers, providing them thorough support and comprehensive consultations during the treatments and between them.

Here you will find a team of qualified mechanics who are always happy to answer all your questions, offer different options and solutions, and make sure that your vehicle is safe and comfortable to drive whether it needs a routine check-up or urgent repairs.

Availability and 24/7 services

Above everything else, OHS Body Shop is a team that will come to your aid whether you simply need advice or got stuck somewhere in Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley with a broken car.

Their 24/7 towing service will make sure that you and your vehicle will be treated with care and respect, all the parts and equipment used in the repairs are fully certified and meet the manufacturer’s standards and requirements, and you receive thorough information about the upcoming procedures, their costs, and duration.

Choosing a body shop, it is essential to make sure that the mechanics who will be dealing with your car are fully certified and qualified to provide the service, the place uses authorized equipment and technologies, and you get thorough support and consultation on each and every stage of treatment to be able to make informed decisions and know exactly what you are paying for.

OHS Body Shop is one of the most reputable and recommended body shops in Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, with branches in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Polson. It is a family-run business that has gained the trust of numerous customers who come back regularly for routine check-ups, consultations, and repairs and have recommended the place to their friends and relatives for over 50 years.

Contact OHS Body Shop today and make sure that your car is in the hands of qualified professionals who will treat it with the care and skill it requires and deserves.