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No matter whether you drive in a city or run wild on muddy upstate paths, some unforeseen problems happen to every vehicle and every driver. Of course, experienced drivers are much more unlikely to panic and get frustrated then newbies, but being stuck with a dead vehicle on a road might be quite stressful for everyone. That is why there are certain things that every driver, no matter how experienced he is and what and where he drives, should have in his vehicle. Yes, you may always count on 24/7 towing and outbound help from the mechanics of OHS Body Shop. Sometimes you might even get lucky and meet some kind Samaritan who will help you out. But some mishaps might be so minor and easy to fix that waiting and asking for help might take much more time than the actual fix of the problem. 
Here is a shortlist of things that every driver (especially those of Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley) should have in their cars. 

Spare tire, jack, and lug wrench.

Flat tire righteously heads the list of frustrating car troubles. And it might get even worse when you realize that you do have a spare tire but lack a jack or the lug wrench. That is why we have united those 3 items into one paragraph. This problem might happen to anyone and on any road. And even if you cannot change the wheel by yourself, it is always good to make sure that the good Samaritan that you might be counting on will have all the necessary tools to help you.

Jumper cables.

A dead battery is just as common and frustrating malfunctions you might face. Especially because it usually happens in the morning, when you are already late for work and your kids – to school. Jumpstarting a car is quite an easy and effective process in case the two following conditions are observed – there is someone near you with a running engine who is willing to help and you or your rescuer has jumper cables. Just like in the previous paragraph, you should not count on somebody’s responsibility and have the necessary equipment with you.


There are so many uses for WD-40 in everyday life that discussing them might result in a separate book. Of course, this is an important thing to have in a car. From loosening lug nuts and lubricating a creaky door to having to switch a license plate. WD-40 has righteously deserved its place in your trunk. 

Windshield wiper fluid.

Winters might get harsh in some states. Low visibility due to snow hazards and icing are the main reasons for severe and even fatal car crashes in the winter. That is why it is very important to make sure that you have extra windshield wiper fluid in your car. It is also important to buy it in a trusted shop or from a professional mechanic. Counterfeits and low-quality products are quite common in this market, especially during the “hot” winter period. They might lead to severe damage to the windshield, icing and even poisoning with toxic vapors.

First aid kit.

One more thing that is more about your safety than the car itself. Drivers often neglect this important inexpensive kit. But you never know when you might face real danger. Accidents happen, and sometimes they might happen on a lonely road. When waiting for help might take some time, the first aid kit might become a life-saver for you and your passengers.
Whether you only drive from home to work or planning a road trip with your family, the attention to detail is what might save you a lot of time money. And sometimes it even saves lives. You may always dress to the friendly advice of a professional mechanic in every branch of OHS Body Shop.

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