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A truck is not just another car. It is your devoted friend and partner, an irreplaceable helper in life and work. The success of your business and career, your safety and wellbeing may depend on your truck’s condition and performance. Therefore, maintenance regulations and regular checkups are extremely important for owners of these vehicles. Despite standard recommendations that you will wind in the owner’s manual, there are some rules and tips that will help you significantly prolong the lifespan of your truck and improve its performance. Here at OHS Body Shop, we have rich experience of working will all kinds of vehicles, including various trucks. With our expertise and observations, we have come up with 10 tips that will help your truck serve you for many years.

Check the fluids regularly

Fluids like engine oil, coolant, or brake fluid are crucial for proper work of any vehicle, but when we talk about such working horses as trucks, they need extensive attention. Make sure to check their level and quality regularly. You may find all the requirements in the manual or consult a professional mechanic. And as soon as you detect or suspect any irregularities, leakage, or wear off, don’t hesitate to head straight to the car service.

Change oil regularly

Being responsible for the engine condition, oil might be the most crucial fluid in a truck. Changing it regularly will guarantee long and smooth work of your truck and preserve you from trouble and costly repairs. Most truck manufacturers recommend changing the oil once in 7,500 or once in half a year (whatever comes first). However, it is important to consider some other factors like driving conditions that may influence the oil ware off in your truck. It might also be a good idea to address a professional mechanic to pick the most suitable oil for your engine and change it properly.

Balance the tires

As long as trucks have to deal with carrying loads, the weight must be distributed equally around the axle. Unbalanced tires wear off much faster and unevenly. Not to mention the damage to suspension and vibrations on the road. Every time you take your truck to a routine check-up or have your tires patched or replaced, make sure to check the balance.

Rotate tires

Tire rotation is important for every vehicle as it reduces the burden on suspension and significantly prolongs their lifespan. But when we talk about trucks, that mostly have to drive off-road or some uneven bumpy surfaces, tire rotation becomes a crucial matter. Make sure to do it every time you take your truck for a checkup or oil change.

Check the electricity

While talking about maintenance, most people think of oil change or tire rotation, but the electricity in your car is equally important. A dim light inside the car may be a clear indication of an electrical problem that will turn into a serious issue in the future. It is also wise to keep spare fuses in your truck not to find yourself stuck in the middle of an open field with a lifeless vehicle one day.

Provide some fresh air

An air filter change might be one of the most neglected thin in the maintenance routine. However, it is responsible for the performance of your engine, its acceleration, and efficiency. This is an especially serious issue for trucks that often have to drive in a dusty and dirty environment. Make sure to change your air filter once in 15,000-30,000 miles to significantly prolong the lifespan of your truck’s engine.

Check the alignment

Driving bumpy roads or carrying unevenly-spread loads in your car may lead to misalignment. Whacky wheels don’t only cause faster wear and tear of tires but become a reason for worse gas mileage and terrible overall driving experience. To avoid this issue make sure all the wheels are balanced and the air pressure in tires meets the manual’s requirements. It is also a good idea to secure the load to prevent it from bouncing all over while driving.

Consider the driving condition

No manufacturer or mechanic knows your truck`s driving conditions better than you. Therefore, although it is important to learn and follow the recommendations, you should consider the characteristics of the rods you are riding, loads your truck carries, traffic, and overall working hours. Once any irregularity like a harsh bump or an accident appears, make sure to address your car service immediately without waiting for the next scheduled visit.

Do your homework

The owner’s manual is not just a booklet. It is there for a reason. Most vehicle owners address it only when something happens or they want to learn about some specific features of the car. But in fact, it consists of a lot of crucial information about fuel, oil, maintenance standards that may save you a visit to a car service once a while.

Address a professional

Although most of the check-ups and fixes don’t require any specific skills and knowledge, and you can do it yourself, it is always good to address a professional once in a while. Knowing all the ins and outs, peculiarities, and common weak points of various trucks, a trustworthy mechanic will never impose any unnecessary services but will help you understand and handle your truck most safely and efficiently.

Having service locations all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, OHS Body Shop is trusted by numerous truck owners. We are always happy to see you at one of our locations in Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls, where our qualified professionals will run comprehensive diagnostics, perform overall checkups, detect and eliminate any issues so your truck will serve you faithfully for many years.