Super easy ways to fix scratches on your car - OHS Body Shop

Life happens, and everyone may scratch their car at some point. It does not matter how deep and big the damage is or how old your vehicle is, those scratches are not only aesthetically frustrating but may cause some consequent coating damage that will lead to serious repair. Scratches also devalue the whole exterior of a vehicle, so if you are planning a sale, a couple of small scratches may cost you a couple of big bucks. But isn’t it simply frustrating to go and spend the whole day in a car service because of one scratch? If only there was a way to fig those small damages yourself saving a load of time and money. There are even several ways! Here are some most common and super easy DIY ways to fix scratches on your car.


This method is a no-brainer with slight scratches. The whole idea is in buffing the uneven surface making a scratch almost invisible. Every car owner has heard about this simple and cheap though extremely effective method. But here are some tips most people forget about:

  • Use whitening toothpaste. Its grittier texture is perfect for gentle yet firm surface buffing
  • Before dealing with the scratch itself, make sure to clean the area around it. Buffing some dirt particles into the paint will only make it worse

Shoe polish

This is another quite efficient scratch removing method. It is only suitable for proud owners of dark cars though. As usual, before dealing with the scratch itself, make sure that the surrounding area is clean. Then take polish darker than the color of your vehicle and spread it all over the damaged area. Just like on your shoes, the polish will fill up small scratches and imperfections leaving the area looking smooth and shiny. Then take soft sandpaper and work it through around the scratched area. Be very careful with sanding! You only want to clear the access of polish around the scratch. After you are done with it, buff the surface and you are good to go!

Nail Polish

It might seem quite unorthodox for many drivers, but ladies find this method the most efficient, available, and logical. Unlike toothpaste or shoe polish that requires some buffing and risky sanding, fixing a scratch with nail polish is an easy one-step method. Another benefit is that nail polish comes in such a variety of colors (even metallic) that most probably you won’t have any problem finding the one that matches the color of your car perfectly. So all you are left with is to clean the surface, apply a fine coat of nail polish over the scratch, let it dry for 15-20 mins, and put one more coat if needed.

A scratch kit

If you are not too much into DIY methods but still look for an at-home method to fix scratches, there are lots of special scratch kits provided by manufacturers of car cosmetics. The good thing about those kits is that they combine the benefits of all known DIY methods but are adapted especially for car paint, which makes them less risky, especially if you are a first-timer. Here at OHS Body Shop, we offer a wide range of car cosmetics including scratch kits, so you could maintain your vehicle in perfect condition between scheduled visits to the service.

Remember, all those methods are efficient only in case of slight scratches and imperfections. If the damage is serious, you want a professional to take a look at this. Depending on the general condition of your vehicle, weather conditions, and many other factors, deep coating damage may lead to corrosion and some other unpleasant and costly consequences. And don’t worry, with OHS Body Shop a visit to car service won’t take too much time. Located all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley our branches at Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls will guarantee you fast, efficient, and qualified service 24/7.