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Dogs are our best friends, and of course, we want them to be next to us as much as possible. Also, most dogs are really big fans of car rides. That is why it is pretty understandable that when we hit the road with our furry friends, we often put them next to us on the front seat.

Moreover, dogs are indeed our family members, therefore putting them next to us in the car simply seems natural. However, a caring owner always thinks about the safety of his or her pet. That is why many owners wonder whether it is okay to put a dog on a front seat and what is the most appropriate way to transport a dog in a car in general?

In this article, we shall discuss several things you may want to consider when taking a car ride with your pooch.

Accidents happen

It happens despite your driving experience, the area where you drive, or the type of your vehicle. All drivers get into accidents from time to time. It is simply inevitable.

However, in most cases, the worst thing that happens is a scratch or a bump on a car and huge stress for the driver. It is because we have safety belts, airbags, and other precautionary measures that prevent us from getting injured in an average accident.

However, when it comes to our pets, there is simply no safe way to belt or harness an animal at the front seat the way that it would be safe, even in a minor car accident. As a result, hundreds of thousands of pets get injured every year in accidents where humans remain perfectly safe.

You would never let your kid or a friend ride on the front seat without a safety belt, even if you are going for a fast trip to the local ice cream shop. So why would you put your dog at such risk?

Airbags can be dangerous

Meant to save us in case of an accident, an airbag may appear as a mortal weapon against your beloved dog.

There is a reason why people under 13 y.o. are strongly recommended against riding in the front seat. The reason is the body mass and skeleton structure that cannot withstand the pressure of a shooting airbag. It can cause serious and even fatal injuries in this case.

An average dog falls right within the “under 13 y.o.” parameters, which means that the same airbag that saves you can actually kill your dog.

Additional distraction for the driver

Dogs often get pretty pumped in cars. Even the most relaxed and submissive pooch can turn into an excited and restless passenger that will constantly destruct the driver.

A dog does not comprehend the principles of driving. Your pet may start casually jumping on your laps, try to lick your face or draw your attention and seek affection in any other way.

And, though we, of course, are pretty sure that this is not your case, you would not believe how many people are trying to make a cure photo or video of their dogs on the road and get in accidents.

Mainly that is the reason why income states, including Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts, having a dog on the front seat would get you a ticket the same way as if the officer would catch you using your cellphone or watching a movie while driving.

Your dog’s comfort

Sitting in the front seat requires staying and balancing in an upright position for a certain period of time. Dogs’ bodies are simply not designed for that. Hardly have you ever seen a dog that would sit for 15 minutes straight.

Eventually, they all are looking for a way to lie down. It is possible once we talk about a Chihuahua or any other small dog, but why would you torture your Labrador or Sheppard that way?

Safety first! Here at OHS Body Shop, we put the safety of our dear customers above everything else. That is why we don’t only take care of your vehicle but are also always happy to consult you about staying safe and comfortable while driving any vehicle and transporting any passenger.

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