The Importance of Diagnostic scanning before and after collisions

In case your vehicle went through a collision, thorough and comprehensive diagnostics will not only guarantee that your car is safe and ready to go back on the road, but it will help you a lot of nerves, time, and money in the future.

Before the repairs, a mechanic needs to understand which parts and systems of the car were damaged in the collision and need replacement or fix.

After the procedure, scanning ensures that the work is done thoroughly, all systems work normally, and the vehicle is in a proper condition to go back on the road.

Moreover, vehicle diagnostics before and after collisions make owner’s lives much easier, saving them a great deal of time and nerves on the insurance claim process.

Let’s go over the procedure and see why both pre and after-collision diagnostics are essential and what you risk neglecting.

Diagnostic Pre-scans – things to know before your car goes to the service

Here are several fundamental benefits of holding a thorough diagnostics of your vehicle before a collision repair:

  • It will help you a mechanic determine hidden, not apparent damages to the car;
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the damage before the repair gives you a specific timeframe when the work will be done;
  • You can avoid wasting time and money on trying to fix a vehicle beyond repair;
  • If the damage is truly dramatic, make the write-off procedure faster and easier for the insurance company and the owner.

After a pre-scan, you receive Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s), which determine pre and after-collision damage. As a result, the insurance authorization process becomes faster and easier, saving you a great deal of time and nerves. Moreover, your mechanic will have a clear vision of what parts he will need to repair the vehicle in advance, which will also significantly shorten the waiting period.

Diagnostic Post-scans – make sure that everything is in order

The idea of scanning a vehicle thoroughly after a collision repair is pretty straightforward. However, many car owners tend to neglect this step.

However, even if you trust your mechanic entirely, it is crucial to make the post-diagnostics to ensure that all the systems of the vehicle work ideally, the car is safe for you and other fellow drivers on the road.

Moreover, failing to conduct an after-collision diagnostics may cost you a great deal of money and additional headaches with your insurance company. If something goes wrong after the repair since your mechanic missed or failed to fix some damage, it will eventually emerge some time after the repair. If you get into another accident because of this failure or won’t be able to drive safely, you will have some hard time proving tour car service and insurance company that the emerged loss is not your fault, and you deserve additional service and compensation.

Here at OHS Body Shop, we have rich experience running both routine and collision diagnostics of various vehicles. While we guarantee that you can trust our mechanics thoroughly, we always insist on comprehensive diagnostic before and after collisions to save our customers’ time, energy, and money, providing them a safe and comfortable experience. You may find our branches all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Polson. Contact us today and enjoy all the benefits of comprehensive diagnostics, qualified advice, and repair made by high-class professionals.