Clarity and Safety: Tips for Windshield Maintenance - OHS Body Shop

What is the most important part of the car? Of course, everyone will first name the engine, wheels, or radiator. The windshield would hardly enter “Top 5”. But this car part might be the most important from the safety point. It is your shield. It protects you from wind, dust, direct sunlight, and keeps bugs out of your diet. You can easily drive without the roof or even doors, but driving without a windshield would be quite an adventure. So windshield is a frontier that protects you and your family while driving. And of course, good windshield maintenance is essential. Otherwise, it might turn from protector into a direct threat to your safety.

Tips for Windshield Maintenance:

#1 – Keep windshield clean

This is the most obvious thing. Clarity is very important for safe driving. So you want to keep your windshield clean. Pay attention to the wipers. You should clean them regularly and replace them once in several months. Otherwise, they might start scratching and damaging your windshield. Don`t forget to check and refill wiper fluid and buy it from trusted sellers only. If the wiper fluid is low quality it may damage your windshield and wipers and even be poisonous.

#2 – Keep the distance

This general safe-driving rule is true for windshield maintenance also. When you drive too close to a car in front of you, something might bounce from its wheels and hit your windshield. This might lead to a small chip that will result in a major crack in the windshield. In our Polson location, you can repair it quickly and easily or have a full windshield replacement.

#3 – Don’t slam the doors

Doors slamming can damage the windshield also. It causes a great deal of vibration. Even if you have a tiny unnoticeable chip on your windshield, this kind of mechanical vibration may turn it into a massive crack. So get a grip!

#4 – Scrape ice carefully

Winter is the most dangerous season for windshields. Not so much because of ice and snow blizzards, but mostly because of “inventive” car owners. Scraping ice might turn into quite a challenging procedure. And if you get carried away, you may damage the windshield itself and rubber moldings. Some people even think that a snow shovel is good for cleaning snow off everything… including their cars. Having to replace your windshield every spring is not such a bright perspective, right?

#5 – Don’t leave wiper blades up before snowstorm

This is the most common mistake during winter that often leads to full windshield replacement. During the winter our Polson, MT branch receives a lot of windshield replacement jobs. If you leave a wiper blade up before a snow blizzard, there is a strong chance that it might fall due to strong wind and heavy snow and damage the windshield.

#6 – Use ammonia-free cleaners

Of course, wipers physically cannot clean all the surfaces of the windshield, and sometimes you have to do it manually. Make sure to use ammonia-free cleaning fluids. Ammonia is a very aggressive chemical that damages the tint and surface of the windshield itself. It may become muddy and scratchy not only because of mechanical damage but due to aggressive chemicals also.
A windshield is actually your shield while you drive. This super-important part of the car is frequently neglected, no matter that this is the part that we see most often while driving. Windshield maintenance is not that hard or expensive, but it is crucial to fir your safety. And Polson office of OHS Bodyshop will always be happy to help you keep it safe and clear for you.