How To Choose A Mechanic: 5 Questions To Ask - OHS Body Shop

The variety of choices is a distinguishing mark of our time. And also – a curse. While your perfect specialist seems to be only one click away nowadays, the search process may turn into numerous click and solid Internet research. When you look for a car mechanic, you don’t want to take chances. Not only this is the person that will handle quite an expensive piece of your property. Eventually, your safety and even life may depend on the condition of your vehicle. That is why even if you have already found several credible-looking car services; it is always a good idea to have a personal conversation with a mechanic before bringing your car to the service. And here are several questions you may ask that will instantly indicate the qualification and credibility of any mechanic.

Do you have experience with similar vehicles?

Technically, this talk is kind of a job interview. And before hiring, any employer always asks about relevant job experience. The same principle works here. Some might think that a car is a car and if you know the basics, you can work with any vehicle, but certain modifications and even manufacturers have their peculiarities. It is even quite common for car services to specialize in certain types of vehicles and manufacturers.

Do you provide written estimates?

How many times did it happen that the price that a mechanic announces you right after the estimate and final bill differ greatly? When you start asking questions, you may hear that they warned you about this and that, and then something else came out, and you simply did not pay attention. To avoid such situations make sure to get a detailed written and signed estimate before the actual work starts. Not only it gives you the clearest understanding of the costs, but in case of any legal action between you and the car service, a written and signed estimate saves a great deal of time energy, and money for both. By the way, some shops provide free diagnostics, but in case they charge for the estimate, make sure you understand how the price is determined. They may have a fixed diagnostics price tag or charge by the hour, flat rate, etc.

Is there a warranty on your spare parts and service?

Of course, a car service looks much more reliable in case it guarantees quality work and spare parts. Most credible shops will offer you at least 1 year – 12,000 miles warranty or 2 years – 24,000 miles. Willing to provide better customer service and aiming at long-term relationships, some may even offer discounts on the same services even after the warranty expires. Anyway, a reliable mechanic is always accountable for his actions.

Do you provide a report after the work is complete?

Just like a written estimate, the final report is important for you to control the pricing and be informed about the condition of your vehicle now. Such reports are also handy in case you decide to sell your car, so you can prove its professional maintenance. And of course, in case of a lawsuit between you and the car service, any written report becomes your shield and a proof tool.

Do you inform me about the unexpected costs?

Even the most professional mechanic does not have an x-ray vision and sometimes additional unanticipated expenses may occur while the work is already in progress. Some will finish the job and simply bill you the day you come to pick up your car. The difference between estimation and the final cost may be dramatic in this case. A trustworthy mechanic will always keep you informed on the way if any additional costs occur.

Fortunately, you don’t lack qualified mechanics and reliable car services nowadays. In case you are located in Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, make sure to check out one of the branches of OHS Body Shop. You may find us at Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls. Make sure to contact us before the visit, ask all your questions, and get comprehensive consultation, diagnostics, and consultation from our qualified mechanics.