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Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for drivers. On the one hand, it is the time of slippery roads, storms, and snow blizzards that make driving pretty hard and particularly dangerous even for the experienced ones. On the other hand, endless holidays, festivals and family visits will leave you o a choice – you will have to drive a lot anyway.

That is why drivers need to focus on safety during the cold season. It means that you need to pay particular attention to:

  • The condition of the vehicle, possible malfunctions that can occur due to cold weather;
  • Your health and safety in case of emergency.

In this article, we shall talk about the essential things everyone should have in their cars in winter, whether you are casually driving around the town or planning a road trip with the family.

The emergency kit for the car

What can be worse than being stuck with a dead battery or flat tire on the road? Only if it happens in winter. Cold weather, snow blizzards, lower visibility significantly reduce the chance that some kind of Samaritan will help you out or that the towing service will get to you in a matter of several minutes.

That is why it is particularly important to be able to deal with the most common malfunctions, such as a flat tire or battery issues on your own.

Here are the essential things for the car’s emergency kit:

  • Basic auto tool kit;
  • Tire sealant and a tire repair kit;
  • Portable air compressor;
  • Jumper cables;
  • Tow rope.

And, of course, it goes without saying that you should always have a spare and the driver’s manual of your vehicle at all times!

Another important thing is making sure that your phone is always fully charged so you can ask for help and send your coordinates in case of an emergency. Always keep a spare USB cable in the car to keep the phone charged.

The emergency kit for you

Unfortunately, there is a chance that help may not arrive right away. Moreover, you or your passengers may get injured in a winter accident.

Therefore, the winter emergency kit should have:

  • First aid kit (make sure to check the expiration dates and condition of all the items once in several months);
    The necessary medications, especially if you have insulin-dependants and people with other acute conditions in the car;
  • Warm clothes and blankets;
  • Chemical warmer packets;
  • Bottled water;
  • Energy bars and other non-perishable, sealed food.
    • To make sure that the help will arrive faster, you should always have:

      • Flashlight, flares, and a whistle;
      • Reflective clothes and vests;
      • Fully charged GPS and mobile devices.
        • Here are some additional items every driver should have in the car in winter. In most cases, they will help you get out of the emergency on your own or even prevent it:

          • Antifreeze and windshield washer fluid;
          • Sand, salt, or any other de-icing liquid;
          • Fire extinguisher.

          One cannot be too safe driving in winter. Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere and to anyone. The best thing you can do to guarantee your safety is to have the necessary emergency kit in the car and make sure that your vehicle is in perfect condition for driving in winter.

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