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While most people believe that there is nothing like a brand new car, most car owners agree that sitting inside your good old yet thoroughly cleaned vehicle is as satisfying. But the problem is whether you just got your vehicle from a dealer or have finished the Spring Cleaning of your car, it is only a question time when the feeling will fade as it will start getting dirty and dusty.

And while hardly anyone can afford to spend hours cleaning their vehicle once a week maintaining its sparkly cleanness, several pretty straightforward hacks will help you keep your car clean and tidy throughout the whole year.

In this article, we shall provide you with an ultimate checklist that will help you clean your car effortlessly, making it look and feel like it has just got out of a thorough Spring Cleaning.

How to keep the car clean all year round?

The key to keeping your vehicle clean during any season is to find a way to make it look and feel clean. There are specific points everyone looks at the car judging its cleanness. Keeping those essential areas clean is pretty easy, but it will dramatically affect how the vehicle will look in general.

Here is your car cleaning checklist:

  • Keep the wipers clean. Cleaning the windshield wipers is essential for the car’s aesthetics and safety. When wipers get dirty with dust debris or chemicals generously diffused during the winter in certain states, they damage your windshield and make it look even messier. A windshield is the face of your car. Keeping it clean is essential for perfect visibility as well as the overall impression from the car;
  • Determine the interior’s “weak points” and focus on them. For some drivers, it can be sand from the beach on the car’s carpets. For others, it is the mess made by a toddler on the backseat or dog hair left all over the upholstery. Make sure to focus on the primary source of a mess in your interior before spending hours trying to clean everything at once;
  • Take care of the wheels and especially the tires. Wheels are another part of the car that usually draws attention. Keeping them clean and tidy will instantly boost the overall impression of the vehicle’s looks. Also, make sure to perform tire rotation and balancing regularly and get a new set on time. It is another essential safety and aesthetic feature for any vehicle;
  • Keep an eye on the cup holders. This area generates 90% of crumbs and stains on your car’s interior, which then spread all over seats, carpets, and dashboard. Work out a habit to wipe them with a wet napkin at least once in a couple of days. It makes miracles!;
  • Wipe the dashboard. Last but not least, the dashboard is another most exposed part of your car which gets the most attention and most impact. Dust settles on it; passengers may put their drinks or food on it, leaving stains and crumbs; kids and animals often put their hands/paws on the dashboard, scratching it and leaving traces. Wiping it once in a while using a soft cloth and special product for a car interior is the ultimate way to maintain the car’s overall cleanness.

Keeping your vehicle clean is crucial for its aesthetics and the general technical condition, and even safety. Another important thing is to visit a qualified mechanic regularly to conduct routine checkups or repairs on time.

Visit one of OHS Body Shop branches located all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Polson. Here you can conduct thorough diagnostics of the vehicle, rotate and balance tires, get the necessary care products and receive comprehensive service and advice that will help you maintain your vehicle’s looks and technical condition on the highest level.