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Let’s face it; the automobile industry is still not the most inclusive one regarding drivers of different genders. Sadly, there is still a lot of stigma and prejudice, particularly against female drivers, especially among the professional community of mechanics and technicians.

However, statistically, there are more and more women drivers on the roads worldwide today. And their ability to drive safely, take care of their vehicles and prevent incidents is no different from their male “colleagues.”

At the same time, women tend to bring their cars to body shops much more often than men. Sometimes it is explained by the fact that women tend to be more cautious and careful with their belongings, including cars. Nevertheless, most female drivers still admit that they feel being treated differently than men at auto repair shops and face a certain level of “leniency” from the personnel.

It may be a result of the stigmas we have mentioned before, as well as a simple issue with customer service in the industry.

In this article, we shall talk about why a customer of any gender may feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable in a body shop and whether there are really things that make a difference for male and female clients.

When all customers are treated equally

Whether you are a female driver yourself or work in the auto repair industry, you definitely heard opinions that women are treated differently by the personnel of an average auto body shop.

On the one hand, it may be true. But at the same time, if you dig deeper, you may understand that all customers will unavoidably get different treatment and attitudes in most body shops.

There is certain prejudice towards young and elder drivers, different perception of those who just got their license, and those who may have already spent several decades behind the wheel. Even the type of vehicle you are driving can be a reason for a certain impression and, therefore, attitude from personnel.

All these things speak more about general issues in the industry’s customer service rather than cut-and-dry sexism.

So, what can body shops do to overcome these issues and create an equally comfortable atmosphere for all customers who address them?

Attention to details – the key to equality

At some point, female customers of body shops are a bit different and, therefore, may stand out in the overall database. We have already mentioned that women tend to be more zealous about their belongings, including cars. It is simply the way that girls are brought up in the modern world. Girls need to be neat and tidy, while… “boys will be boys.”

However, statistically, female customers have other peculiarities that can help the auto repair industry improve and become more customer-oriented.

For example, women tend to do more research before addressing any professional assistance. Therefore, they tend to ask more questions before and after the work is done. However, staying in touch with a customer and keeping them informed is the core of quality service, isn’t it?

Another important thing is that a mix-gender team will always be more comfortable for any customer. Just like any guy will get overwhelmed in a female-only hair salon or store, a woman may feel uncomfortable once surrounded exclusively by men. Hiring a diverse team of professionals will make the atmosphere of any business more welcoming.

Last (but actually first) is safety. Making sure that the shop is safe for customers and especially those who may come with children, bathroom doors are closed securely, and there are lockers and cameras in the waiting areas are the safety essentials. Unfortunately, women had to learn those safety rules in the hardest ways possible. But it does not mean that they are not applicable to all customers who come to the body shop.

A customer-friendly body shop near you!

As you see, on the one hand, the treatment of female customers should not be any different in a body shop, and this is the core of equality and justice we are aiming for. However, women are becoming increasingly frequent customers in the industry and introduce demands and trends that can help the business improve greatly, offering better customer service for all.

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