The 5 Ways You May Be Damaging Your Vehicle Every Day

Buying a car, most of us hope to drive it for several years and even be able to preserve its value as much as possible to resell it successfully in the end. That is why people take their vehicles to regular check-ups, use only credible maintenance products and try to park at garages and safe parking lots.

However, all those efforts may not be enough, and some pretty everyday habits that don’t seem like a big deal may damage your car day by day, leading to costly repairs and devaluing.

In this article, we shall talk about how you may unknowingly damage your beloved car every day and what you can do to protect your vehicle and its value.

#1 – Driving on fumes

Statistically, every third driver in the United States has at least once gotten stuck with a “dead” car because they forgot to fuel it on time.

However, driving on fumes can be more dangerous than you think. Once the fuel indication goes below the quarter-tank mark, it puts enormous pressure on your car’s fuel pump.

This pump constantly needs a certain level of fuel to work smoothly. If you have a habit of running on fumes or regularly push your luck with fueling, prepare a tidy sum for a new fuel pump.

Also, a constant lack of fuel leads to the accumulation of dirt and rust on the bottom of the gas tank, which will affect your driving experience and car condition in the future.

Make sure to fuel your vehicle as soon as the indicator gets to the quarter-tank mark and use services of credible gas stations only.

#2 – Ignoring the dashboard indicators and warning signs

When you were a new driver, every light that turned on the dashboard or unusual smell in the car might have caused you a massive panic. The more experienced and confident you become behind the wheel, the less attention you pay to those warning signs, knowing that most of them are not fatal.

However, ignoring those signs and especially such crucial ones as “check the engine” or unusual behavior of your vehicle may, in the best-case scenario, lead to a costly repair and, in the worst – to a horrible accident.

Make sure to stick to the maintenance routine and don’t ignore warning signs and dashboard indicators. It will save you a lot of money and even your life.

#3 – Flooring the pedal

No matter how much in a hurry you may be or how important it is to be the first one when the traffic light changes, avoid slamming the accelerator.

The oil will need some time to get to all engine parts and lubricate them properly, providing smooth work when you start the car. Flooring the pedal as soon as you start the vehicle may lead to severe engine damage and costly repairs.

The same is true about being forceful with the gas pedal on the road. Not only do you waste much more fuel that way, but such a driving style can eventually destroy your car, turning it into a money pit.

#4 – Loading it up to the roof

It is ok if you move or go on an annual road trip with your family. But if you regularly pack the car up to its weight limit or use it as storage for equipment, wardrobe, or other items, you significantly increase the workload on suspension and wheels, which will also cost you a lot in repairs and replacements in the future.

Driving such a car will also affect its mileage and fuel consumption.

#5 – Forgetting the parking brake

Using a parking brake seems all-natural when you leave your car at inclined parking and hope to find it at the same place when you come back. However, parking in a mall lot or at home, people often ignore the parking brake.

First of all, there are no perfectly-leveled surfaces, and your car may roll off and hit the wall or other vehicles anywhere. Also, the parking brake is a crucial element that helps to distribute the car’s weight equally and take pressure off the transmission.

Any way you look at it, just one second that you will need to enable the parking brake will save you a lot of trouble and money in the future.

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