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Of all the legendary purely American Traditions, Tailgating Parties are among the most beloved and anticipated ones. For most of us, these annual parties are all about getting together with friends and family, enjoying good food and drinks, and just having fun before the big game.

However, those parties are also about a lot of preparations and stress, long-distance driving and packed parking lots, unattended grills, unsupervised kids, and a little bit too much alcohol – all the necessary ingredients for minor or even serious accidents and injuries.

In this article, we have collected the 5 essential safety tips for a Tailgating Party that will not cause any trouble or affect your car insurance.

Be patient and drive safe looking for a spot at your tailgating party

Finding a good spot is basically the key to a successful tailgating party. At the same time, it is the hardest part as there definitely will be hundreds of other families and groups of friends at the same parking lot with the very same mission.

Imagine trying to find a parking place in a crowded mall during the Holiday season; multiply it by 10, and you will probably understand the fraction of stress and frustration most drivers feel trying to find a good spot for the tailgating party before a big game. And don’t forget to add children running all over the place, seniors wandering around, and people who have already had a bit too much and are now looking for the WC.

There are just so many distractions and things to consider at the same time that it is very easy to get into an accident or even cause one.

Concentrate, focus on driving, and ask your spouse or someone from the group to deal with all the phone calls and questions from the back seat while you are looking for a good spot. 

Keep an eye on the meat

Various meat dishes and barbeque are the core of any tailgating party. It is essential to remember that raw meat is a pretty tricky ingredient that can cause a lot of trouble once not handled properly.

  • Make sure to keep it in separate sanitized containers, where it will not get mixed with vegetables, bread, and other products, which will not get the treatment.
  • Put the meat into a portable fridge with a lot of ice to prevent it from becoming an incubator for bacteria and parasites.
  • Even if you see that you have prepared too much meat and your company won’t eat it all, don’t leave raw meat for later; fry it all at once.
  • Fry the meat thoroughly to avoid food poisoning.

Make sure to pack the meat carefully and thoroughly to prevent leaking. Those stains of blood don’t only look incredibly suspicious in your baggage but may also be hard to remove and turn into fruitful soil for mould development, which can seriously damage your car.

Don’t leave your grill unattended

Some believe that it is best just to leave hot coals to burn out naturally. And it may be true for your backyard BBQ party.

But leaving the grill unattended at a tailgating party at a stadium parking lot covered with gasoline and oil stains and packed with vehicles, tents, and patio furniture is a recipe for disaster.

Make sure that the coals are completely out before you head to the game.

Beware of stains and dirt

Oil and grease stains, cinder, and crumbs are inevitable at a tailgating party. However, those BBQ-related contaminants can do a lot of damage once they get on your car’s paint or interior materials.

Keep an eye on your vehicle and wipe off any stain as soon as you notice it to prevent damage to waxing and paint job. When you load all the dishes, grill, and gear back into the car, try to clean them as much as possible. Use old blankets or newspapers to protect the surfaces from stains, scratches, and other damage.

Never drink and drive

Last but not least, make sure that you have a responsible designated driver who will take care of transportation after the party. Even if you are lucky not to be the one this year, drink responsibly, make sure to eat enough, and have a glass of water once in a while to stay hydrated.

Bonus tip

After all, the key to a successful tailgating party is getting there and coming back home in one piece. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your car is perfectly safe before you take your friends and family to a tailgating party in it.

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