5 Reasons Why Your Car Won't Start - OHS Body Shop

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we depend on our cars. Until a car won’t start, and it will definitely happen when you are late for work, your kids have the most important dance recital, or you are stuck with the whole family on a cross-country road trip in the middle of nowhere!

Let’s face it, depending on the type of the car, its current condition, and maintenance history; there may be millions of reasons why it won’t start at some point. However, an experienced mechanic will easily name you the 5 most common issues.

Here are the 5 reasons your vehicle won’t start from the team of OHS Body Shop.

Ignition Switch

It is a switch in the control system of a motor vehicle that activates the main electrical systems for the vehicle, including “accessories” (radio, power windows, etc.). Once the ignition switch is out of order, it won’t start the engine, and therefore you won’t be able to go anywhere.

The good news, problems with ignition switches are pretty easy and inexpensive to fix, and a qualified mechanic will easily bring your vehicle back to life.


Technically, it is the most common reason why your car won’t start. Just like with an ignition switch, battery problems mean that your car’s vital systems won’t get electricity, and therefore the vehicle won’t start.

It is pretty easy to determine whether it is an ignition switch or the dead battery to blame. Simply try to turn on the headlights. Headlights are controlled by the battery, not ignition, and therefore if you manage to turn them on, your battery is fine.

However, if it is your dead battery that prevents the vehicle from starting, you will probably see the “battery” light indicator glowing on the dashboard.

The best way to solve the problem is to jump-start your car with the help of some kind Samaritan. Nevertheless, after you manage to start the vehicle, it is better to head directly to a closes garage as if your battery dies once, it may mean that it is time to replace it or the alternator, which is meant to replace the battery as the car moves.

Fuel Filter

If the engine does not get enough fuel, your car won’t start. A clogged fuel filter is another common reason for that. Normally, the fuel filter should be replaced every 20,000-30,000 miles. You should consider it next time you take your car for a routine check-up.


If the starter is broken, your car… won’t start! This small motor is connected to the battery and sets the engine in motion when you turn the ignition on.

If your car won’t start due to problems with this small motor, you will hear a distinguished clicking noise when you turn the key. Generally, a weakened or faulty starter would make a lot of noise, and therefore if you hear any clicking or buzzing, it may be exactly the reason why your car won’t start today.

Low Fuel

Ironically, it may be the last thing you would think, but low fuel is the most common reason why your car won’t start. As silly and improbable it may seem to you now, it happens to every driver at some point. Just get some gas and promise yourself to pay attention to the “low fuel” indicator next time you see it in the dashboard.

If your car won’t start, it does not necessarily mean that you are facing a complicated and costly repair. In many cases, the solution is very simple, and the issue can easily be prevented if you take your vehicle to regular routine check-ups and pay attention to all the warning signs and indicators that may occur from time to time.

A qualified mechanic will always help you detect the problem and eliminate it. Here at OHS Body Shop, we are always happy to see our customers, answer all their questions, and perform routine check-ups or urgent repairs. Visit one of our branches located all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley, in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Polson.