4 Things That Devalue Your Car - OHS Body Shop

Unless we are talking about antique or custom-made vehicles, the value of a usual car only goes down with time. Your car starts to evaluate as soon as you take it out of the dealership. And although you cannot control such factors as the manufacture year, there are lots of features that are fully under your responsibility. The aesthetics, technical condition, wear and tear of certain details – those are the things that are up to you, your driving, and maintenance you provide to the car. In other words, although the devaluation of a car is inevitable, it is still up to you whether you get a fair price once you decide to sell it. And though we can talk about maintenance routine, safe and responsible driving for ages, 4 quite common things devalue a car the most. Avoiding them will not only significantly prolong the lifetime of your car, but help you sell it easily afterward and get good money for it.


The smell of smoke and stains on the interior caused by it is simply immortal. No air freshener or chemical cleaner will ever help you get rid of them. Especially if you are trying to sell your car to a person who does not smoke. Not only he will detect the stench immediately, but it will also be much more intolerable for him than a smoker. Therefore you may lose a prospective buyer. Not to mention occasional damage to the seats and interior that may happen once a bud falls off your hands while driving. The good news, there is a sure way to prevent this issue. Never smoke inside your car and don`t let anyone do it!

Excessive driving

Everybody knows that the mileage of a vehicle is reversely proportional to its value. In other words, the more you drive the less your car will cost. It does not mean that you should restrict yourself harshly denying yourself the pleasure of road trips and comfortable transportation. But it might be wise to revise your driving habits and if the destination point is just a couple of blocks away, do yourself a favor and take a walk once in a while.

Outdoor parking

Apparently, the most damage to your car`s value is caused not by driving bumpy roads, but by disdainful parking conditions. Direct sunlight, frost, showers, or snow blizzards don’t only destroy the exterior of your vehicle but may cause serious damage to its interior and even technical condition. Once you decided to buy a car, make sure to arrange it for a garage or some covered parking area. Especially, if you live in a harsh climate with severe temperature and weather extremes.

Neglecting service routine and checkups

You may find all the maintenance recommendations in the owner’s manual of your vehicle or consult the dealer or professional mechanic. However, regular checkups and maintenance are not only aimed to fix some issues once they appear but help to prevent serious problems, costly repairs, and even safety hazards. Therefore regular visits to car service are a must. It is also wise to keep all the receipts and estimates from those visits as later on when you decide to sell the car, it will be easy for you to demonstrate that it has been maintained responsibly and require a fair price for it.

OHS Body Shop Is a chain of car services that you can trust and rely on. We shall make sure that your car is maintained properly throughout its whole lifecycle and conduct a comprehensive pre-sale service once you decide to put it on a market. You may find our locations all over Montana’s Greater Flathead Valley; in Kalispell, Whitefish, Polson, and Columbia Falls. Whether you have just bought your first vehicle or decided to evaluate and sell the one you already have, contact us right now and make sure that your car is handled with care, knowledge, and respect.