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Winter might be the most challenging season for every car owner. Extreme temperatures, driving through snow and ice, and other notorious attributes of the coldest season may lead to the fact that your vehicle may need some extra care and attention before Spring.

Whether you are planning to take a long road trip with the family or just continue driving around the town as usual when temperatures go up, there are some essential maintenance rules for any car that will help to eliminate possible damage done by the winter driving and prepare the vehicle for the hot season.

Spring clean!

Spring clean in the house may have an entirely symbolic meaning, but a thorough Spring car wash is one of the principal maintenance points every driver should think about preparing their car for a new season.

During winter, your car was exposed to extreme temperatures, dirt, precipitations, salts, and other chemicals used for de-icing on roads. Even if you have prepared your vehicle for winter thoroughly, renewed the wax, and parked the car in a garage most of the time, the paint, windows, and the whole car body have been affected during the winter.

Extreme temperatures, chemicals, and dirt may lead to corrosion, the paint cracking and fading, and the windows and headlights turning foggy. Good Spring rain is not enough to get rid of all those contaminants. DIY wash may also be not that efficient, as regular car shampoos from your local shop may not be able to get rid of all those salts and chemicals that have been collecting on the surface of your car for several months.

A full-service car wash is done with professional-grade tools and products that guarantee that your car will be free from all that dirt and protected from the dust, heat, and UV light that the next season brings.

Check the battery

Cold might be the most significant damaging factor for a battery. If the average temperature in winter drops below 32F in your area, your car battery may lose up to 35% of its power. Temperature fluctuations from keeping a car in a warm garage and driving it in cold weather also don’t do your battery any good.

At the same time battery is responsible for the smooth work of all the electrical systems in your car, making it crucial for safe driving.

A battery check is the essential maintenance procedure to prepare the vehicle for a new season and make sure that you won’t get stuck with a “dead” car at the worst possible moment.

Using a multimeter, a mechanic will check the voltage, evaluate the condition of your battery and tell you whether you are good to continue driving with your battery or should already replace it.

Oil Change

An oil change is one of the essential car maintenance procedures. However, if you live in an area with particularly harsh winters, oil change becomes one of the main things to do to prepare your vehicle for a new season.

You have probably been using winter-grade motor oil during the cold season. It is a much more cold-resistant product that provides perfect lubrication for all the engine parts, even if the temperature outside falls way beyond 32F.

However, you will need to replace this oil with a regular one for the warmer season to prevent the engine from overheating. It will help you get the most out of your car in summer, save fuel, and avoid damage and costly repairs to the engine.

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